Get involved with the Cube!

Hey everyone, welcome back for another school year! Getting involved in the Cube is one of the best ways to become a part of the UBC Computer Science community. Getting involved helps you to make friends, meet professors and have an all-round awesome experience. If you are interested, check out the open positions that we have available in our Volunteering Committee then e-mail André Malan at <vpv[at]> with the position that you want. If you are unsure about what a position entails, just e-mail André with the positions that you may be interested in to find out more.

Undergraduate Representatives needed!

The department would like to have an undergraduate representative on the following committees:

  • Communications
  • Computing
  • Curriculum
  • Executive
  • Faculty Affairs
  • Focus on Women in Computing
  • Recruiting
  • Recruiting Instructors
  • Space
  • Teaching & Learning Support
  • Undergrad Affairs

This is your chance to voice any suggestions or concerns you have about various elements in our department. If you are interested in being on one of these committees please contact Nakisa at internalvp[at]

CSSS Recruitment

Hey everyone,

The Cube is still looking for more awesome people to help us out with our events. If you are interested in any of the following positions please send an e-mail to the contact listed for the position by October 18.

SOCIAL POSITIONS (contact [email protected])

Social Coordinator (1 position open)

Social Coordinators are responsible for organizing and running awesome social events for CS students. Past events include Bowling, Movie Nights, LAN Parties, Lazer Tag and the popular Year-End Boat Cruise!

Sports Rep (2 positions open)

Sports Reps are in charge of organizing intramural teams on behalf of the CSSS. This can include organizing teams to take part in UBC REC Leagues or events such as Storm the Wall.

VOLUNTEERING POSITIONS (contact [email protected])

Imagine1Day Coordinator

The CSSS will be working with the local organization Imagine1Day this year to help build schools in Ethiopia. The Coordinator will be in charge of managing the UBC CS student's creatribution.

Department Committees

The department is still looking for undergraduates to sit on various committees.
See for descriptions of all the committees.

Available positions:

Classroom Experience (1 position open)
Communications (1 position open)
Computing (1 position open)
Focus on Women In Computing (1 position open)
Space and Safety (1 position open)
Teaching and Learning Support (2 positions open)

COMMUNICATIONS POSITIONS (contact [email protected])

2nd and 3rd Year Representatives (2 positions open, per year)

Year Representatives act as liaisons between the CSSS and the students in their respective year groups. Year Reps are responsible for communicating the views of their peers to the CSSS and to increase student involvement by promoting our events.

Become a Cube Officer

We have a long list of open officer positions. Becoming an officer will be a great opportunity to show leadership, meet new people, and get a better taste of the awesomeness that is THE CUBE. Please take the time to look over the available positions below. To apply, simply email a résumé and the position(s) you are interested in to Alden Salgado, Vice President, Volunteering Services at [email protected] with the subject line "Cube Application - ". If applying for multiple positions, please rank them in order of preference.

Director of Publication
Be the man (or woman) with the plan in shaping the image of CSSS. You will be in charge of making sure that all published CSSS-related posters and articles correlate to the message we want to convey: CPSC students are awesome!
Publication Officer (2+ positions)
Be the contributors of posters and articles that promote the Cube and its members (CPSC students!). All you graphic artists and writers should definitely consider applying for this position. It will be a great opportunity for you to show everyone your talents!
Year Representatives
(1st Year, 2nd Year, 3rd Year, 4th Year, BCS, and Graduating Rep)

Take this chance to become the voice for CPSC students in your year. In addition, you will be able to cultivate your communication skills as promoters of CSSS events. These positions are very flexible and are a great starting point for newcomers.
Social Coordinator (2+ positions)
Come out and share your fun and cool ideas for social events with us. As a Social Coordinator (or SoCo for short), you will be able to coordinate and organize various events that CPSC students can enjoy. Events include Laser Tag, Paintball, LAN Parties, Beer Gardens, Year-End Boat Cruise and many more!
Sports Representative
Get CPSC students active by organizing various athletic activities! Events can include Beach Day, sports tournaments (i.e. badminton), STORM THE WALL, bike marathons and many more!
Tutoring Coordinator
Be the one to take charge in reviving the tutoring program CS once had. The Tutor-Coordinator is in charge of hiring tutors and matching them with students interested in being tutored. They will be responsible for any communications required among tutors, students, and faculty. Position may involve setting up tutoring training sessions.
Volunteering Coordinator (2+ positions)
Have fun in organizing, coordinating, and promoting events related to raising money for charity and helping the community. Events could include the annual "Byte to Eat" Food Drive, Homeless Action Week, 30 Hour Famine and many more. Of course, with all these awesome events, your position will require recruiting lots of volunteers.
Supply Manager
Make sure the Cube Store stocked up and ready for CPSC students to purchase and enjoy. CPSC students will love you for keeping a store with wonderfully cheap prices running.

Take a chance and become an officer with us. It will definitely be the experience of a lifetime. If you have any questions/concerns, please email us at [email protected].

Stay cool in school,

Your CSSS Executive Team 2009–10

SUS Department Rep needed!

Just a friendly little note from your EA. The All-Candidates-Meeting for the Council Elections has come and gone and we have vacancies! If you have friends in any of the following departments who would like to become Department representatives, please let them know. We will be appointing these department reps on Thursday October 13, in council. For now, please limit your advertising to people who are actually in these departments.
The following departments need department reps:

  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Earth & Ocean Science
  • Math/Stat
  • Physics/Astro