VP Volunteering Opening

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The Computer Science Student Society is accepting applications for the Vice President, Volunteering role. If you are interested in the position, please email vpc [at] ubccsss [dot] org with a 150 word blurb describing who you are and why you’re interested in the position, and attend our CSSS meeting on Nov 24th at 5:15pm with a one-minute statement prepared. Deadline for applications is noon on Nov 24th. No experience necessary!


Tuesday, November 24, 2015 - 17:15



2013 CSSS Election Results

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The election results are in!

57 votes were accepted out of 59 total.

3 People ran for president:
Anmol Gupta: 20 votes
James Deng: 27 votes
Henry Chee: 21 votes
James Deng is president elect.

3 others ran and were elected into their chosen positions:
Mike Wu (VP Finance): 46 yea, 2 nay
Matthew Arnold (VP Communications): 44 yea, 6 nay
Michael Kwan (VP Social): 47 yea, 3 nay

Since not every position had a candidate, our remaining positions still need to be filled. Email vpc [at] thecube [dot] ca about your chosen position if interested!


Club Activities


Executive Nominations

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Nominations for the Cube executive positions for the 2015–2016 academic year are now open. To run for election, you must be nominated by ten undergraduate members of the Computer Science department, on your nomination form. If you have any questions, please contact returning officer Kerry Li at <elections[at]thecube[dot]ca>


Friday, March 6, 2015 - 00:00 to Friday, March 20, 2015 - 12:00



Executive Nominations

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Are you, or somebody you know, interested in making a difference around the Computer Science Department? Do you enjoy leadership positions and the opportunity to give back to your community?

Every year around this time, we hold the elections for the following year’s Executive Committee. This committee, elected by their fellow Computer Science classmates, lead the Computer Science Student Society (the CSSS). If you think you, or any of your friends, would be a great fit for one of the executive roles then nominate them/yourselves!

Get your nomination form here, and have it back to Matthew Dorfmann by noon, February 28. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact elections[at]thecube[dot]ca.

Once nominations are in, we intend to announce the full list of accepted nominations by 1 PM on February 28, then have a campaign period March 3 through 10 and the election March 10 and 11. Votes will be counted on March 11 after close of polls.

The Executive Committee


The President is the head of the overall club. This means that in addition to handling the daily running of the club, they get to supervise the other Executives, and perform some administrative duties surrounding Executive meetings.

Vice President, Volunteering

The Vice President, Volunteering (VPV) is tasked with finding people eager to interact with the Department and serve on the Department Committees. In addition to this, the VPV organizes recruitment of undergraduate students in the Department into other volunteer positions.

Vice President, Internal

The Vice President, Internal (VPI) assists the President in the daily running of the club. This responsibility largely consists of the running the Cube, the CSSS club room. The VPI, if necessary, will also recruit a Supply Manager for organizing the pickup of supplies for the cube, as well as officers to assist in the running of the Cube.

Vice President, External

The Vice President, External (VPE) is the CSSS’s liaison with companies and groups outside of the university. One of the largest responsibilities of the VPE is the planning and execution of the annual Career Fair.

Vice President, Social

The Vice President, Social (VPS) is in charge of the planning and execution of all of the Cube’s social and sporting events. In the past, these have included frequent barbeques, board game nights, LAN parties, Ice Skating, Rock Climbing, and Lazer Tag.

Vice President, Communications

The Vice President, Communication (VPC) is in charge of producing and distributing all advertising pertaining to club business, as well as communicating club activities to members.

Vice President, Finance

The Vice President, Finance (VPF) is responsible for all of the clubs finances. This includes the preparation and submission of budgets, as well as assisting other officers in their interactions with the AMS or any of its commissions, if needed.


Monday, February 17, 2014 - 00:00 to Friday, February 28, 2014 - 12:00





2010 Executive Elections

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Executive elections are coming up! Come out and vote for the people you want running your student society. Voting is open to all undergraduate students whose declared specializations are Computer Science, and the polls are open Thursday and Friday 10–4. Note that the Computer Science Student Society uses an approval voting system. Positions for which only one candidate is running allow the marking of “yes” or “no” for the candidate (with the candidate being elected if they receive more votes in favour than against); positions with multiple candidates allow the marking of any subset of candidates, with the candidate receiving more votes than any other being elected.

The following candidates are running:


Jré Sarenac

Vice President, Communications

Bertrand Ong

Hey all,

My name is Bertrand Ong and I’m running for re-election to the position of Vice President Communications for the CSSS. The VP Communications oversees the communications committee and thus is responsible for making sure you know about all the cool events the CSSS plans for you. As the current VP Communications, I am already familiar with this role and I hope to continue to promote all the awesome CSSS events for the upcoming year.


Vice President, External

Jeremiah Tantongco

Hi there,

My name is Jeremiah Tantongco and I want to be your student voice as the CSSS VP External with the A*party.

I’ve always been interested in the CSSS and many of the wonderful experiences I’ve had at UBC somehow tie back to the Cube. Starting out, I was an active volunteer, then a social coordinator. I went to the Career Fair in first year and I was really overwhelmed by the challenges of networking with the industry properly. I became the VP External in 2008 and finally got the in-depth look I wanted.

I believe that students need a clear and early connection to the industry to become the best professional that they can be. I think you should re-elect me as your Vice President External as the last Career Fair I planned was run successfully. I hope to work very closely together with UBC Computer Science, Industry and other students to make the next Career Fair a diverse, informative, open and inviting experience.

I also look forward to finding ways for budding IT professionals to put your foot in the door by collaborating with other like minded student societies such as MIS, COGS, IEEE and EngPhys.

I love talking ideas with people so if you have a great idea about an event, drop me a line and we can discuss it over coffee (my treat!). If you want me to champion your cause, vote Jeremiah as your VP External!

Mubashshir Zakir

My name is Mubashshir Zakir and I am running to be YOUR VP External for 2010/2011. For the many computer science students that already know me, know that I am practically designed for this position. I am passionate about organizing activities that will provide exciting opportunities for you!

A big part of my job will be to organize the annual career fair. I plan on making it very beneficial for students by getting the companies we actually want. How will this happen? I will ensure that I have a constant dialogue with students asking them which companies they want. As the liaison to external entities, the university and the department, I plan on letting students be aware of all that’s out there. Another top priority for me will be the VP Externals responsibility for acquiring materials from various companies to be used as prizes and handouts to you the members.

Aside from having a career fair that we shall never forget, I plan on doing all that’s in my power to get as many companies as we can to come talk to members. We all would love to know whats going on in this world we will be entering soon, I will make sure to have as many great talks as possible.

In order for me to accomplish all of these great things, YOU need to do one little thing. During this election season vote for passion, vote for change, vote for us—vote Mubashshir Zakir.

Vice President, Internal

Richard Lo

At the beginning of September when I decided to step into the cube for the first time, it seemed like a strange environment that had cheap snacks. Slowly as I began to frequent the cube more and more each day I discovered that it was a great place to have conversations on anything ranging from school issues to the pronunciation of the word fjords. To me it’s become a great place to relax and enjoy the company of others plus sit in comfortable couches and eat snacks.

If made the VP Internal I would strive to ensure that the cube becomes a place where anyone can walk in, buy cheap drinks and snacks and feel welcome. It amazes me how many people have no idea that a place as great as the cube even exists or feel that it’s a room that they are not welcome in. My goal is to ensure that there will be changes made that will open up the room to new visitors to the cube, and feel welcomed.

Over the past school year, I’ve been acting as a supply manager to keep the shelves stacked with chocolate, chips, tuna snacks, and the fridges full of jones soda, coke, and Starbucks Frappes. If made the VP Internal, I will shorten the gaps between supply runs, increase the variety in drinks and snacks and listen to everyone’s suggestions about the room and the supply.

Vice President, Social

Karen Lee

Hi everyone,

My name is Karen S. Lee and I am running to be your CSSS VP Social with The A* Party.

As an extroverted individual, I am known to be extremely sociable and friendly by many people in Computer Science. I am fun, dedicated, honest and reliable. I know how to have fun and I know how to ensure that you have fun too.

I am the best person for this position because I have extensive experience in both personal and professional event planning and organization. I have been planning and organizing events since 2001 and I am currently the Social Coordinator for the Naylorite Club and the RIM Co-op Student Group. I am confident that my diverse experience in event planning will make next year’s CSSS events more spectacular and successful than ever.

As your VP Social, I strive to organize a diverse variety of events for everybody. These are some of the events that will be organized:

  • lAN parties
  • Board game nights
  • Movie nights
  • Beer gardens
  • Poker nights
  • Pub nights
  • Bowling nights
  • Sports teams
  • Lazer tag
  • Snowshoeing
  • Go-carting
  • Paintball
  • Rock climbing
  • and more!

If you like any of the events above, vote Karen S. Lee as your VP Social! Endorsements: Kevin Moore (CSSS President 2009–2010), Amy Kwok (CSSS President 2008–2009)

Luke Yin

Hi. My name is Luke Yin and I’m currently a 2nd-year computer science student. Over the past year, I’ve been one of your Social Coordinators—that means I’ve helped organize those awesome events YOU’VE enjoyed. You won’t regret voting for me to be your VP Social because:

  1. I have extensive experience with organizing CSSS events. As part of the Social Committee, I’ve helped plan and organize movie nights, laser tag, and all the others YOU’VE attended.
  2. I have been attending CSSS events since I first came to UBC, so I know what makes an event AMAZING :)
  3. I came to ALL the events organized by the Social Committee this year. A host who’s confident about his or her event shows up, and if the host doesn’t think it’ll go well, why would anyone else?
  4. I’ve attended all the CSSS meetings this year to help plan events, making contributions towards EACH AND EVERY ONE of the events YOU came to :)

My personality:

  1. I like to have fun, and to make things enjoyable for other people :)
  2. I’m dedicated, enthusiastic, and optimistic :D

Over the past year, I’ve dedicated myself towards planning awesome events for YOU. I know exactly what the VP Social has to do. Vote for me, and I promise I won’t disappoint you… by making events EVEN MORE AWESOME!!! And if YOU wanna help plan things, guess what, I WON’T PUT A CAP ON THE COMMITTEE’S SIZE!!!


Luke Yin

Vice President, Volunteering Services

Jordan Chin

My name is Jordan Chin, and I am running for the position of CSSS VP Volunteering Services. I am currently a Cube volunteer tutor, as well as a member of the Greater Vancouver Science Fair Committee. In the Science Fair Committee I take part in planning events and activities for the students to participate in during the annual fair. I feel strongly that volunteering our time to help others is an important activity more of us should add to our daily lives. That said, I am always on the lookout for new ways to help out, having previously been involved in events ranging from community fundraisers to other more computer science oriented activities. Increasingly, I have found out how important it is to volunteer for something that hits real close to home. I look forward to sharing a year of rewarding experiences!

Nan Jiang

Hi CPSC Students,

My name is Nan, and I am very excited to be your new Vice President of Volunteering at the Cube. I have already been an avid volunteer for the Cube as the Tutoring Coordinator. Further, I have been an active promoter and organizer in charity campaigns this year (inc. “Byte to Eat” Food Drive).

As your VP Volunteering, I will work to form a committee dedicated to connect students with the department, UBC, and the community. We have made many plans and liaisons this past year, and I would like to execute and expand them for next year. As my platform, I hope:

  • to expand our already successful Cube Volunteer Tutoring Program to second-year level courses
  • to continue the tradition of our annual “Byte to Eat” Food Drive and share it with CPSC departments at SFU, Langara, and BCIT
  • to continue supporting non-profit organizations by creating fundraisers and have all CPSC students actively participate in their success
  • to create a blog website solely devoted to providing awareness to the wealth of volunteer opportunities available out there for CPSC students.

If there is one thing that all CPSC students must know; it is that each one of us has a strong passion to show leadership and initiative to make a difference in the local community. I, Nan, want to bring the leader out of you with the joy of volunteering.

VOTE Nan Jiang for VPV!!!

André Malan

Hi, my name is André, I’m an international student from South Africa and I’m running for VP Volunteering with the A* Party.

I am an incredibly hard working and caring person. I care deeply about UBC, the Computer Science department and the world we live in. As VP Volunteering I promise to work hard at bringing the best talent that this department has to offer into the roles that will make a true difference for all of us.

I have a vast amount of experience volunteering and working in teams all around campus. For example, I have extensive experience in managing volunteers from my work as the Information Technology Systems Director for the 2009 Student Leadership Conference. The skills I have gained from my positions on campus make me the best candidate for the position of VP

Some things I would like to do as VP Volunteering:

  • More and better tutoring.
  • Better student representation to the department.
  • Volunteering events that actually make a difference.

If you would like to know a bit more about me, please visit my website at
http://andremalan.net. Or just Google me to see some of the work I’ve been doing to help change this campus for the better over the last four years.

If you like my ideas and values vote Andre for VP Volunteering and Vote A* Party for your Cube execs!


Benjamin Israel

Hello CompSci students!

My name is Benj, and I’m running to be your VP Finance/Treasurer for the upcoming year.

This past year, I was the VP Internal for Science One Survivors, and gained quite a bit of experience on how to be an effective executive. As a Comp Sci TA, I have interacted with many students, and I plan on using what I have learned to ensure that the Executive is indeed following the wishes of you, the voters.

I am also the Comp Sci Squad Leader for this upcoming Imagine Day, and I plan on making use of this to better integrate the new students into the CSSS and all of its wonderful activities.

I believe that a good VP Finance must be prompt, organized, and accountable, and in my role of VP Internal I have shown myself to be all three. With these skills, I plan on ensuring the CSSS runs smoothly, and sticks to an effective budget.

I look forward to serving you all, and making next year the best it can possibly be! I welcome any suggestions or comments on my platform or anything else, please feel free to contact me at bisrael (at) cs (dot) ubc (dot) ca.

Bobby Kim ^_^

Melissa Smith

My name is Melissa Smith and I am running to be your CSSS Treasurer with The A* Party.

I became more involved in the CSSS this year and immediately found a desire to support the society in their endeavors.

As an individual that holds utmost priority in integrity, honesty and perfection, I aim to ensure that the finances of the CSSS remain balanced and accurate. I have extensive professional experience in working with finances, along with experience determining workable priorities based on a set budget plan. I am the best candidate for CSSS Treasurer because I understand the importance of documentation and logging, I value structure and organization, and I take pride in my work.

I can guarantee to uphold the structure and security required in an effective treasury system. If you favor this guarantee, vote Melissa as your CSSS Treasurer!


Christina Chan

Hello to students of UBC CompSci!

My name is Christina and I am currently a 2nd year CompSci and Stats student. I am running for the position of VP Administration/Secretary for your Computer Science Student Society (CSSS or The Cube). The VP Admin is responsible for taking minutes at all the General and Executive meetings, and these minutes will be published.

I believe that an effective VP Admin must be prompt and punctual, organized and attentive, and most importantly, responsible. These are skills I have acquired from working internally in my high school and community councils, in the UBC Trek Program, at the very recent International Week, and more. Externally, I am an active volunteer in the BC Children’s Hospital and at the Dr Peter Aids Centre, where volunteers are greatly trusted upon.

The Cube has been amazing this year bringing us cheap and delicious food, a variety of entertainments, and the upcoming Annual Boat Cruise! I hope to be a part of this group that delivers such fun and resourceful events to all the students in the Computer Science department. If elected VP Admin, I will work to the best of my extent to ensure that The Cube maintains and improves its accountability to CompSci students.

I look forward to getting involved with our CompSci department to bring you the best year possible! Please contact me for any suggestions or comments on my platform at chris390 (at) interchange (dot) ubc (dot) ca.

Eva Lam

My name is Eva Lam, and I would like to get involved with the Computer Science Student Society because this would be a great opportunity for me to play an active role in the UBC community, especially in the computer science department. As a student pursuing a combined major in business and computer science, I have a strong interest in technology, science, and design. I would love to be the Secretary for the Cube because I really enjoy working with others as a team. My goal is to act as a liaison to bridge the gap between the CS students and the department. I am excited to use my past experiences to bring new ideas to the society. I will do my best to maintain proper administration of the day to day activities of the Cube, which is fundamental for achieving the operational objectives of the society. The administrative and decision making skills, which I possess, as well as my enthusiastic and positive attitude, shall enable me to build a supportive, enjoyable, and, most importantly, fun environment to everyone in the computer science undergraduate community.


Thursday, March 25, 2010 - 09:37 to Friday, March 26, 2010 - 09:37


DMP Foyer


Club Activities