Clothing Reminder

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Just a reminder to all those who have yet to pick up their csss clothing! Drop by the csss office X139 with your order receipt between 10-4.

We have a winner!

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Congratulation to Jerome Pasion for winning the CS Clothing Contest. Jerome's design (design #13) will appear on the front centre of CS t-shirt.

Also, thanks to all the people who took the time to vote!

CSSS Clothing 2005

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Now that we have a winning logo for our t-shirt you could begin ordering your CS clothing for this year. Design #13 will appear on the front centre of this year's t-shirts and the Cube logo (Design #6) will appear on the left corner of the sweatshirts. You could either download the order form here or drop by the office to pick one up. The deadline for ordering is November 4th, 2005 at 2pm! (just ignore everything it says about October 28th) Please note that this deadline will NOT be extended (well, we extended it once... but that was the last time ;-)) so make sure you get your orders in on time.

Clothing samples have also arrived in X139. So make sure you have the right size for your order. If you've submitted an order form already and want to double check (since they only arrived really recently), just come down and we can make changes if necessary.

Please submit orders ASAP, as the sooner we get the orders in to our supplier, the sooner they will arrive!

EDIT: Order Form has been corrected.

CS Clothing 2005 Poll

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Design 1 - "Binary Bits": 5% (3 votes)
Design 2 - "CS - We Will Frag You": 6% (4 votes)
Design 3 - "Gothic Appeal": 2% (1 vote)
Design 4 - "Firewire, USB, We Are All Connected": 14% (9 votes)
Design 5 - "I'm A Geek; No Really.": 2% (1 vote)
Design 6 - "CS to the Third Power": 19% (12 votes)
Design 7 - "Graceful Lines Are We": 3% (2 votes)
Design 8 - "I Love Grey": 14% (9 votes)
Design 9 - "Cubist Computer": 2% (1 vote)
Design 10 - "CS Mice Strikes Back": 0% (0 votes)
Design 11 - "The Return of the CS Mice": 2% (1 vote)
Design 12 - "1 Infinite Loop": 2% (1 vote)
Design 13 - "Scan Me - I'm in CS": 23% (15 votes)
Design 14 - "No Comment. We mean it.": 8% (5 votes)

CS Clothing Contest 2005

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The CSSS wants your input again - this time, we’re choosing the logo for our clothing contest! As you know, we all like to style ourselves CS students, so this is, understandably, of enormous importance. Your input is very valuable to us :-)

We received your designs, and to make things a little more interesting, we’ve also brought back the logos from the button contest to make a grand total of 14 designs from which to choose from. Personally, I’m rooting for CENSORED (you’re making our readers biased! -hrmmp) When you’ve finally made up your mind by reading the entire article, head on over to the polls and cast your vote!

Please put on your judging cap and express your opinion by Thursday, October 13th, 2005 at 5pm. Thank you.

Read on for more details…

EDIT: Sorry - apparently some picture links broke earlier. I’ve fixed them now.

Design 1
Design 2
Design 3
Design 4
Design 5
Design 6
Design 7
Design 8
Design 9
Design 10
Design 11
Design 12
Design 13
Design 14

Made up your mind? I thought so. Head on over to the polls to cast your vote!