UBC CSSS Merchandise Graphic Design Contest 2022-23

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Who wants some sick UBC CS Merch? Well, now you also have the opportunity to help design it!

The UBC CSSS is hosting a hoodie and sticker GRAPHIC DESIGN CONTEST, and the best designs will be sold as official CSSS merchandise starting in the 2022 Fall term!

  • Who: ANYONE who wants to exercise some creativity and make something for the CS community!
  • What: Designs for Hoodies and Stickers.
  • When: Accepting submissions starting now until August 21st 2022, 23:59 PDT!
  • Where: You can submit your designs here or scan the QR code below!
  • Why: If the idea of hundreds of UBC CS students wearing your hoodie design isn’t enough, we are also providing you Amazon gift cards worth $20 CAD, a shoutout on our official social media handles and you get to keep the hoodie and sticker for free too!

*Please note that ALL submissions will ONLY be accepted in .svg, .jpg/.jpeg or .png file formats.

Prize Guidelines:

  1. Only the top 5 best designs for the hoodies and stickers (each) will be rewarded. All decisions will be taken by CSSS unanimously.
  2. The winner with the best design (in each category) will be rewarded with an Amazon gift card worth $20 CAD, a shoutout on our official social media handles and they get to keep the hoodie and the sticker (both) for free!
  3. The other 4 winners with the top designs (in each category) will get an Amazon gift card worth $20 CAD and a shoutout on our official social media handles.
  4. We have restricted the gift card to one per winner only, regardless if they submit two designs, each for the hoodie and the sticker (and they both make it to the top!).

Design Guidelines:

  • Submissions containing language of profanity, prejudice, (cyber) bullying, invasion of privacy, plagiarism or other inappropriate content will be automatically disqualified.

  • As per University guidelines, unauthorized use of the UBC logo(s) is prohibited. Hence, please do not include UBC official media in your design (more info here).

  • You are allowed to adapt/use the UBC CSSS logo. For reference, please see here.

  • Be creative! Successful logos will likely speak to the broader UBC CS community while also being aesthetically pleasing!

*Please note that once submitted, the design is the property of the UBC CSSS and can be edited and used at its sole discretion.

For any queries, please contact vpv@ubccsss.org.

All the best! We look forward to your beautiful designs!

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