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The CSSS Executive Elections will be held on Wednesday, April 6th from 11:30am to 4pm, and Thursday, April 7th from 11am to 3:30pm (may be extended if the voting booth isn’t open during those hours) in the first floor lobby of the Hugh Dempster Pavilion. All students registered in a Computer Science major program are eligible to vote in the election.

Here are the nominees for each position:

Janet Poon

Hi all! I’m Janet, and I’m running to be your next CSSS president.

I’ve been a student in the Department of Computer Science for three years now, and I know that there is so much more the CSSS could do to support students in their social, academic, and health-related well-being. Some of the changes I want to see implemented are:

  • Restore the CSSS Tutoring Board & the Past-Exams Database to full functionality.
  • Provide a ‘Students-Seeking-Students’ board for those looking for partners for side-projects and startups.
  • Reduce the duration of The Cube’s Snack Shop stock-outs (can’t have you starving during exam season).
  • Host more casual events for students to hang out in and get involved with The Cube.

For next year, my experience as VP Volunteering (2014-2015) and VP Finance (2015-2016) will help the team keep offering awesome events and services, while seeing through new changes to make your experience better!

VP Communications
Tristan Rice

No write-up provided.

VP External
Jerome Rasky

No write-up provided.

VP Finance
Kevin Shi

No write-up provided.

VP Internal
Benson Li jointly with Jinny Byun

This year, we kept the Cube relatively clean and running smoothly. We acquired new and updated equipment such as a new printer and coffee grinder. We re-decorated and adjusted the room layout. In the near future and next year, we plan on increasing seating and replacing the last couch.

VP Social
Godot (Yuan) Bian

I switched to BUCS program last summer, and I feel welcomed by CS since the first day of this academic year when I got to know CSSS. I am excited to be running for the position of VP Social. Speaking on the responsibilities of the position, I have experiences organizing events including annual literature competition, school magazines promotion and new year celebration for more than a thousand people when I was president of Literature club in high school. In addition, I have been a TA and a math coach at UBC.

CS is the most academically diverse department with students from a full range of backgrounds and perspectives. It would be my honor if I could contribute to CSSS’s welcoming and comfortable social setting where common interests are discovered and shared. If elected VPS, my goal would be to create unforgettable memories, increase awareness of the club and its services through various social events.

VP Volunteering
Bianca Subion

Hi! Although my name listed here is Bianca, most people call me Bea (BAY-ah). I’m in my third year at UBC, but my second year as a Computer Science major. I’m passionate about volunteering and am an avid advocate for giving back. As a volunteer board member at the Richmond Women’s Resource Centre, I see firsthand the impact we make in women’s lives by allocating a portion of our time to educate, provide services and organize workshops. I look forward to being able to make a difference in our Computer Science Department by getting more CS students involved with volunteering, and organizing opportunities for students to be able to give back to the community!

(VP Admin is uncontested)


Wednesday, April 6, 2016 (All day) to Thursday, April 7, 2016 (All day)


Hugh Dempster Pavilion lobby


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Constitutional Amendment, March 15th, 2016

The CSSS has passed a constitutional amendment on March 15th, 2016 during a Semi-Annual General Meeting. This amendment affects the eligibility of Members to run for Executive positions.

In short, the CSSS will now allow two (2) Members to jointly run for a CSSS Executive Position, provided that these two Members are nominated as a joint ballot and subject to the conditions specified in the constitutional amendment.

The full text of the amendment is attached below. The updated constitution will be uploaded on our Constitution page once it is available.

File Attachments: 

PDF icon amendment_20160315.pdf


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2013 CSSS Election Results

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The election results are in!

57 votes were accepted out of 59 total.

3 People ran for president:
Anmol Gupta: 20 votes
James Deng: 27 votes
Henry Chee: 21 votes
James Deng is president elect.

3 others ran and were elected into their chosen positions:
Mike Wu (VP Finance): 46 yea, 2 nay
Matthew Arnold (VP Communications): 44 yea, 6 nay
Michael Kwan (VP Social): 47 yea, 3 nay

Since not every position had a candidate, our remaining positions still need to be filled. Email vpc [at] thecube [dot] ca about your chosen position if interested!


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CSSS Elections

Categories: Elections

Hi CS Students!

Don’t forget, elections for the CS Student Society executive positions will be held this Wednesday and Thursday (April 1–2) in the DMP first floor lobby! (In front of DMP 110) Come out and vote for who you think should be the execs for 2015–16!

Voting will be held from 11 AM–4 PM (may be extended if voting booth isn’t open during those times)

Here are the nominees for each position and their writeups:

President: Thomas Lamb

Hi. My name is Tom Lamb. I have spent time with various clubs at UBC, such as the Math Club, and the Arts Undergraduate Society, and now the Computer Science Student Society. I have been with the CSSS for two years—first as Social Coordinator, then as VP Social—and am now running for President. In recent years, the club has seen consistent improvement. If elected president, I would like to continue that success by focusing on our sense of identity and camaraderie as computer science students, while maintaining the services the club currently offers. This would mean the creation of social events which appeal to a broader range of interests, as well as more marketing to increase awareness of the club and its services.

VP External: Michael Kwan

Hello everyone! My name is Michael Kwan and I’m running to serve as your Vice-President External of the Computer Science Student Society which is the position in charge of the annual technical career fair. I have been heavily involved with the CSSS for the past two years. My relevant experience includes being the VP Social for 2013–2014, and being your current President for 2014–2015. I hope to create another successful career fair for you all in the upcoming year so please vote for me as your upcoming VP External. Your vote is highly appreciated!

VP Internal: Benson Li

Hi, my name is Benson Li and frankly, I am the best suited candidate for the VP Internal position. Currently I:

  • Keep the Cube in relative working order (wash dishes, tidy tables/sofas, wipe down surfaces/microwaves etc.) I invest more time in keeping the Cube clean bar none.
  • Restock items
  • Create event posters
  • Help run events

As VP Internal, I will:

  • Enforce cleanliness on a greater scale
  • Maintain constant supply of food/drinks
  • Push for upgrades to the facility (more new couches, vacuum cleaner, another fridge etc.)

VP Social: Clara Chu

The most memorable experiences I have had at UBC are undeniably the times where I’ve been able to meet some of my closest friends today.

As a first year BUCS student, I am ecstatic to be running for the position of VP Social. I hope to provide Computer Science students the opportunity to connect with their peers in a welcoming and comfortable social setting where common interests are discovered and shared. One of my main goals is to engage as many students as possible, touching on every type of social activity from sports to partying to food! When one activity doesn’t correlate with your interests, I’m hoping that at least several others will.

As VP Social, it will be in my best interests for everyone to gain the most out of their university experience, providing an abundance of options for you to create unforgettable and lasting memories.

VP Communications: Brian Chau

Hi! My name is Brian Chau and I’m going to be a 5th year CS student next year. I’m running to be your next CSSS Vice President, Communications. Speaking on the responsibilities of the position, I have experience organizing events and making promotional material through serving on the executive committee for two main SUS events, and I am the Communications Manager on my CS 319 project team. I’m also highly reachable on email, Facebook, and in person so that I can contact you about the awesome events we hold, or you can contact me about anything related to the Cube. In addition, I have done various co-op terms and been a TA for three different courses. I hope you’ll all vote for me, Brian Chau!

VP Communications: Clarence Lam

Hello! My name is Clarence and I’m currently a 2nd year student in the Business and Computer Science Program. This year I would like to be your VP Communications in the Computer Science Student Society. My main goals are to:

  • To work the with CS committee to bring new engaging events for the students. I’d like to give students more opportunities to get involved and enhance their student experiences.
  • Increase the awareness of services that the council has to offer. I want students to take advantage and benefit from all the services that we offer them
  • Increase the amount of communication between the CS council and CS students to engage student involvement

Really it’s what I can do for you guys, and I am running for the CSSS council so that hopefully I can help you guys succeed in your University career.

VP Communications: Nick Rutigliano

I’m Nick, a 2nd year comp sci student who actively hangs out at the cube. Outside of school I’m a big hip hop fan, avid snowboarder, and player of video games.

VP Finance: Janet Poon

No write-up available

VP Administration: Jinny Byun

Hi! My name is Jinny Byun and I’m currently in first year Computer Science. I started hanging out in the Cube during the fall and I’ve always felt welcome here. The Cube made my first year at UBC much better as I was able to make many new friends. I hope to get involved in the CSSS by becoming VP Administration and give back to the fantastic students that make up the CSSS. This position is well suited to me as I’m very organized, hard-working, and have great time management. I put a lot of effort into the things I do! I plan to keep the CSSS running smoothly and be awesome for the future (and present!) students.

Vote for Jinny! I won’t let you down!

VP Administration: Vincent (Yi Xi) Wang

I am currently a second year student specializing in business and computer science with interest in business intelligence and app development. As an ambitious, persistent and team-oriented individual, I strive to challenge the limits of my potential through academic and extracurricular involvement. In the past, I have been involved with several organizing committees including Sauder Summit, Chinese Collegiate Society, Scouts Canada and BNS Grad Council. Through these experiences, I have developed extensive problem-solving, communication, organizational and leadership skills which will benefit CSSS indefinitely. As VP Administration, I plan on initiating several projects throughout the year focusing on student engagement and developing a coherent atmosphere within the computer science faculty. With this goal in mind, I will actively create opportunities for students to network with industry professionals, alumni’s and with other students from different years. Ultimately, this summary highlights why I am a successful candidate and your future VP Administration. Cheers!

VP Volunteering: Reed Mullanix

No write-up available


Wednesday, April 1, 2015 (All day) to Thursday, April 2, 2015 (All day)


Hugh Dempster Pavilion first floor lobby


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Congratulations to the New Executives

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Congratulations to the new additions to the Cube Executive, and to those returning members who were re-elected:

  • President: Michael Kwan
  • Vice President, Administration: Kenneth Shen
  • Vice President, Communications: Anushka Agrawal
  • Vice President, External: Michael Wu
  • Vice President, Financial: Yoo La (Olivia) Sung
  • Vice President, Internal: Kerry Li
  • Vice President, Social: Thomas Lamb
  • Vice President, Volunteering Services: Janet Poon


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