The CSSS has found a number of tutors interested in providing extra help for students taking Computer Science courses. If you are a tutor and wish to be listed here, please fill out the application form.

Verified 2018-2019 Tutors

Yuan Wang
  • Courses: CPSC 110, MATH 100, 101
  • Availability: Flexible by request
  • Rates: 20$/hour
  • Last updated: Apr 27 2019

If you are looking for a person who can offer the most updated and intuitive teaching experience, I will be the one. I have just taken Cpsc 110 and various math courses. As a result, with the course content still vivid in my mind, I can help you avoid most student’s common pitfall in the course.

Email [email protected]
David Ewert
  • Courses: CPSC 110, 121, 210, MATH 100
  • Availability: Flexible-By Request
  • Rates: $25/hour
  • Last updated: Apr 7 2019

Finishing 2nd year CPSC, have been a private tutor for three years

Email [email protected]
  • Courses: CPSC 110, 121, 210, 213
  • Availability: Flexible
  • Rates: $40/hour
  • Last updated: Mar 21 2019

I have TA’d both CPSC 110 and 210 multiple times and have plenty of experience teaching the concepts in the listed courses. Also available for other 200 and 300 level CS courses by request. Shoot me an email if you want to get in some high quality studying before exam season.

Email [email protected]
  • Courses: CPSC 110, CPSC 121, CPSC 213
  • Availability: As needed.
  • Rates: 40/hour
  • Last updated: Mar 21 2019

Past teaching assistant for CPSC 110, CPSC 121 and CPSC 213. Specializing in CPSC 110 with private problem bank and questions created to suit student’s needs. Concepts are explained in context of previous knowledge to foster lasting understanding of material

Email [email protected]
George Gianacopoulos
  • Courses: CPSC 110, 121, 210, 213, 317, 320; MATH 220, 221
  • Availability: Flexible; available on and near campus
  • Rates: $50/hr on weekdays; $60/hr on weekends
  • Last updated: Feb 16 2019

U of T Computer Science - graduated with distinction. I have research experience with computer networks and embedded Linux, and a command over listed courses’ material. If you want to solidify your understanding in a course, or simply need help catching up: send me an email.

Email [email protected]
Jonathan Budiardjo
  • Courses: First and Second Year CPSC Courses
  • Availability: By Request
  • Rates: Contact for more information – (discounted rates for groups and advance bookings)
  • Last updated: Feb 11 2019

  • Multiple years of TAing and tutoring different CPSC courses.
  • Was awarded the CS Teaching Award.
  • (Head) Teaching Assistant for CPSC 121 for 9+ terms.

Email [email protected]
Arsh Jhaj
  • Courses: CPSC 121 (also available for other MATH/CPSC courses below the 400-level)
  • Availability: By Appointment
  • Rates: $30/hr tentatively
  • Last updated: Feb 2 2019

Hi! I’m a combined major in math and computer science at UBC. I have experience TAing CPSC 121 for four terms, with responsibilities having included tutorial instruction, grading and holding office hours. This is certainly the course I have most experience with, and I can say with a fair degree of confidence that I know the material inside out. I also have experience TAing CPSC 110 for one term, where I instructed several lab sections. I have taken numerous first, second, and third year computer science and honours math courses and have aced all of them. I would say that I’m fairly mathematically-minded and have a working knowledge of most of the theoretical and proof-heavy MATH and CPSC courses below the 400-level. I’m pretty flexible with regard to rates; it’s tentatively $30/hr, but depending on your circumstances, there is flexibility. Shoot me an email for more information!

Email [email protected]
Bob Zhang
  • Courses: CPSC 103, 110
  • Availability: Upon Request
  • Rates: TBD
  • Last updated: Jan 28 2019

Lead Grader/Head TA for CPSC 110 for 4 terms. Created, proofed, and graded problem sets, exams, and other course material. Extensive mentorship experience as a TA, instructor, and in other leadership roles. Willing to offer customized learning opportunities to best support students’ needs.

Email [email protected]
Jasmine Lai
  • Courses: CPSC 110, 301
  • Availability: Flexible
  • Rates: $20/hr
  • Last updated: Jan 9 2019

TA for CPSC 301 for two terms and familiar with the recent CPSC 110 changes in 2018WT1

Email [email protected]
Zexu (Hailey) Yan
  • Courses: CPSC 121
  • Availability: Monday - Friday, 5:00-6:00
  • Rates: $20-35/hr
  • Last updated: Sep 18 2018

Email [email protected]
  • Courses: CPSC 110, 210
  • Availability: Book by appointment, available often on campus
  • Rates: $40/hr
  • Last updated: Aug 9 2018

I have been a TA for both CPSC 110 and CPSC 210, scoring 4.85 / 5 in my final TA evaluation. I also switched from TAing to tutoring a couple years ago and have plenty of experience tutoring both of these courses. If you really want to solidify your understanding of the underlying concepts in these courses, then send me an email.

Email [email protected]