CPSC 436

Topics in Computer Science (All)

Course Description

Selected topics in a specific area within Computer Science. May be taken more than once for credit with permission of the department.

Average difficulty
4.5 / 5
Average quality
4.5 / 5
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With Vered, 436N was an excellent course. Slightly unstructured but that is the nature of learning new models and the 436’s. The course had challenging assignments and a medium difficulty midterm/final. Highly recommended. I also think it’s better than 440.
Brandon Orange, Feb 25 2023, course taken 2022W1
CPSC436A OS DESIGN & IMPL Excellent course overall. I consider this is one of the few courses I have ever taken at UBC where my tuition actually pays off. You will obtain hands-on experience developing an Operating System in this course, also you will find out how little and shallow you understand OS from courses like 313. Here is the course website https://www.students.cs.ubc.ca/~cs-436a/.
yanyuz, Feb 13 2023, course taken 2022W1

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