CPSC 320

Intermediate Algorithm Design and Analysis

Course Description

Systematic study of basic concepts and techniques in the design and analysis of algorithms, illustrated from various problem areas. Topics include: models of computation; choice of data structures; graph-theoretic, algebraic, and text processing algorithms.

Average difficulty
4.7 / 5
Average quality
4.5 / 5
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One of the more difficult course in CPSC as it delves into challenging abstract topics. Assignments will take a large portion of your time. Though challenging, it is an important course that can help leapfrog your leetcode skills to be more competitive for internships.
Crispin, Apr 11 2023, course taken 2022W1
Took this with Patrice Belleville. Extremely difficult course, but the course was ran well. Assignments were very tough, I needed to go to office hours and consult with peers very often for understanding of concepts. Prof was understanding and fair. Start assignments early and go to lectures & office hours, assignments can take up a significant portion of time to understand and office hours are often quite packed. Concepts taught in the course are very useful for industry and leetcode.
Kristen F, Feb 15 2023, course taken 2022W1
Very useful code to get you a job in the industry. Helps you in almost all Data Structure and Algorithm questions. Please start your assignments on time.
anon, Feb 3 2023, course taken 2022W1
Strikingly similar to CPSC 121 in terms of course structure, but on more advanced topics (e.g., DP, greedy, etc.). Course was well ran and assignments were challenging, but fair.
Michael DeMarco, Oct 25 2022, course taken 2021W1
Pain. Gives you the ability to slay leet codes. One of the most difficult cs courses at ubc
Eugene, Nov 7 2022, course taken W1

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