CPSC 213

Introduction to Computer Systems

Course Description

Software architecture, operating systems, and I/O architectures. Relationships between application software, operating systems, and computing hardware; critical sections, deadlock avoidance, and performance; principles and operation of disks and networks.

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4.33 / 5
Average quality
4.5 / 5
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what I took away was the foundational relationships between how hardware was designed and how software programming languages are built on top of one another.

topics in my term

  • assembly and hardware-to-software design
  • using c and java to abstract parts of hardware instructions
  • asynchronous code
2nd year bsc student, May 26 2023, course taken 2022W2
This course teaches a lot about how computers work on the hardware side and how low level code works. Fun course that teaches you a lot but not an easy one for sure. I liked the concepts of deadlocks the most. Took this course with Robert Xiao and had a great time!
averagestudent, Nov 3 2022, course taken 2020W2
Was quite fun. Assembly was a bit annoying at first, and it remained annoying unfortunately. But, It was interesting. I recommend to all CS students.
lolmaker, Nov 5 2022, course taken 2020W1

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