CPSC 121

Models of Computation

Course Description

Physical and mathematical structures of computation. Boolean algebra and combinations logic circuits; proof techniques; functions and sequential circuits; sets and relations; finite state machines; sequential instruction execution.

Average difficulty
3.71 / 5
Average quality
4 / 5
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The course was logical and no coding was required. Tutorials are super helpful to gain a better understanding on the course material. In labs, we worked in pairs and it was a good experience to meet new people in CS but it was a definitely a time crunch. Make sure to set aside plenty of time for assignments.
Stephanie Ho, Oct 25 2022, course taken 2021W2
Interesting course that is actually more about logic rather than actual programming. Not too hard, but definitely requires a lot of studying
Leila, Oct 25 2022, course taken 2022W2
Covers extremely important CS and mathematical concepts, but I found the course to be poorly structured compared to other CS courses. Material in labs seemed completely unrelated to lecture. Professors are great though, funny, caring, hold excellent office hours. Course can be quite challenging for those who struggle with logical thinking. Find a good assignment partner!!
cinadia, Oct 25 2022, course taken 2021W1
Confusing but fun. Keep doing the work and you will get an A
pilatus14a, Oct 25 2022, course taken 2019W2
Did not like this course personally. A lot of proofs and boolean algebra. Also Hated using LaTeX for the assignments.
Sss, Nov 3 2022, course taken 2019W2
  • important topics
  • course content can be difficult like the proofs
  • there is a big time investment needed to do work and have solid understanding
Eugene, Nov 4 2022, course taken 2017W2
The course covers a wide range of material, including propositional logic, proofs, and circuit diagrams. I found the course pace and progression quite reasonable. I especially enjoyed the labs - the content builds up from simple AND gates to simulating an entire CPU. Assignments and tutorials are very useful for building a deeper understanding of the topics!
proofbyinduction, Nov 17 2022, course taken 2021W2

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