CPSC 110

Computation, Programs, and Programming

Course Description

Fundamental program and computation structures. Introductory programming skills. Computation as a tool for information processing, simulation and modelling, and interacting with the world.

Average difficulty
4.14 / 5
Average quality
4 / 5
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Did fairly well in the course but I won’t sugarcoat it, I didn’t like it. They have the right idea of teaching programming logic, but use a programming language with next to no practicality. Again with the idea of prioritizing logic over implementation, but DrRacket prioritizes logic too much. After all, ideas are little good if you can’t use them.
Lawrence, Feb 26 2023, course taken 2021W1
Course is extremely well structured. Instructors are very friendly, helpful, and engaging. Concepts behind the material are definitely needed for future courses, so be sure you thoroughly understand the topics! Gets expontentially difficult towards the end, so be ready to put in the work!
cinadia, Oct 25 2022, course taken 2021W1
Pretty hard course. It helps a lot if you already have an experience in coding, but otherwise, struggled with workload , and especially some problem sets. Wouldn’t say that the profs were very helpful, mostly self studying
Leila, Oct 25 2022, course taken 2021W1
As someone with no previous experience in programming, this course was definitely challenging but fun. Would recommend setting aside 10-15 hours for this course per week.
Stephanie Ho, Oct 25 2022, course taken 2021W1
Heavy workload; students usually spend at least a few hours per day on it because of the large amount of practice problems, pre-lecture work, and homework. Heavy emphasis on “design recipes” which are basically guidelines for programming; although there is a sometimes unpleasant rigidity present in the coursework because of this, the concepts taught are interesting. The overall gist of the material is not too hard to understand but to get every detail right is very hard. It uses a barebones programming language not commonly used professionally. Something really annoying about it is you have to watch a few hours’ worth of videos before every lecture, and sometimes these videos are outdated and don’t contain correct information - the professors correct the information during lectures. The professors and TAs respond pretty quickly on Piazza, though. Overall, a pretty unique course quite unlike other introductory programming courses.
ying, Oct 25 2022, course taken 2022W1
The course teaches about BSL. There are a lot of contents included so taking time to practice is really important to do well in this course.
student, Oct 25 2022, course taken 2022W1
The course was a bit on the harder side. the language that they teach is very different than what is usually used in the industry. Make sure to give this course a lot of time per week to excel in it!
110student, Oct 17 2022, course taken 2019W1

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