The UBC CSSS offers the following services.

Course Reviews Database

We provide a database of student-sourced course reviews and descriptions to help you choose you next classes.

Cube Talks

Our bi-weekly podcast featuring UBC alumni and upper-year students, discussing topics relevant to all students interested in computer science.

The Cube

We run a student lounge in ICICS 021, with cheap food, free microwaves, video games, and a place to hang out.


We provide a place for tutors to advertise their availability and for students to find a tutor for Computer Science courses.

Locker Rentals

We offer lockers in ICICS for rent at $15 per semester - the cheapest rates at UBC.

Exams Database

We provide a database of old midterm and final exams for review.


We provide a variety of snacks and drinks at affordable prices (many things are less than $2!) to keep you going through those long coding projects in the lab.

Social Events

We run a variety of social events - board game nights, barbecues, and more!

Discord Server

Feel free to join our discord server to chat with fellow CSSS peers, as well as to attend our virtual events!

If you would like your own team for a CS associated club please contact the VPC.