The Cube offers the following services:


We provide a variety of snacks and drinks at affordable prices (many things are less than $1!) to keep you going through those long coding projects in the lab.

Career Fair

We co-host the annual Tech Career Fair, which gathers technical companies from all over in one place on campus.


We provide a place for tutors to advertise their availability and for students to find a tutor for Computer Science courses.


We provide a database of old midterm and final exams for review.

Chat Server

We run chat/messaging service similar to Slack. Feel free to create new channels and talk to friends. This is designed as a social space for all UBC CS students.

If you would like your own team for a CS associated club please contact the VPC.

Social Events

We run a variety of social events—board game nights, barbecues, and more!


We provide a Subversion server where you can store and version-control source code for your course and personal projects.


We provide TRAC environments for bug tracking and project management for course and personal projects (to get a TRAC environment, you must first create a Subversion project; you use the same account in both places).