VP Academic Referendum for the Semi-Annual General Meeting

At our upcoming Semi-Annual General Meeting, we want to propose a new executive role for the CSSS! We want students to have a bigger voice in academic matters.

Our proposed change to the constitution:

8.1 Positions:

The Core Executive of the Club shall comprise the following positions:

  • President
  • Vice President, Volunteering
  • Vice President, Internal
  • Vice President, External
  • Vice President, Social
  • Vice President, Communications
  • Vice President, Finance
  • Vice President, Administration
  • Vice President, Academic
8.10 The Vice President, Academic shall:
  • Liaise between the department and student body on issues regarding academic matters requiring student input.
  • Manage academic resources provided by the club, including the exam database and tutoring services.
  • Direct academic-focused events undertaken by the Club.