2019-2020 Executive Nominations

Categories: Elections

The CSSS is running elections for the 2019-2020 executive team! Want to contribute to the community, or become an overlord over CS students? Get a nomination form!

Candidates will need to fill out nomination forms before March 15th. Forms can be picked up at The Cube (ICICS 021).

Campaigning is optional, but encouraged. Voting will occur on March 18th and 22nd.

Nomination Form


View positions and their descriptions in By-Law 8 of our constitution.

The President shall:
  • Chair all Executive meetings.
  • Prepare the agenda for each Executive meeting.
  • Supervise and direct the duties of the Executives.
  • Ensure that the position of Vice President, Finance is filled.
  • Liaise between the Department and the Club.
  • Ensure all duties of Executives are fulfilled.
  • Perform other duties as required.
  • Be responsible for the overall Club.
  • Act as chief spokesperson on behalf of the Club.
The Vice President, Volunteering shall:
  • Recruit undergraduate representatives to serve on Department committees.
  • Organize the recruitment of undergraduate students in the Department into other volunteer positions.
The Vice President, Internal shall:
  • Assist the President in carrying out his duties with respect to the day-to-day operations of the Club.
  • Assist the President in personnel issues related to the Club.
  • Manage, or appoint officer(s) to manage, the Club’s room(s) and inventories of merchandise and consumables.
  • Organize, or appoint an officer to organize, supply runs to restock Club inventories.
  • Chair executive meetings in the absence of the president.
The Vice President, External shall:
  • Liaise with companies and other entities outside the University via the relevant member of the Department.
  • Plan, supervise, and recruit assistance in executing the annual Career Fair.
  • Organize the acquisition of sponsored materials from companies for use as prizes and handouts to Members.
The Vice President, Social shall:
  • Be responsible for the planning, cost estimation, and execution of social and sporting events undertaken by the Club.
The Vice President, Communications shall:
  • Produce all advertising pertaining to Club business in all electronic and print media.
  • Communicate Club activities to the Members.
The Vice President, Finance shall:
  • Be responsible for the finances of the Club.
  • Prepare and submit all budgets required by the AMS and SUS.
  • Sign all requisitions of approved expenditures.
  • Obtain proposed expenditure estimates.
  • Be responsible for the purchase and sale of any of the Club’s merchandise.
  • Assist other officers in their interactions with the Alma Mater Society or any of its Commissions, if needed.
The Vice President, Administration shall:
  • Take minutes at all General and Executive meetings; these minutes shall be published.
  • Organize meetings, when needed.
  • Direct communications between Executives, as required.