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UBC Culture and Self Lab - Develop a computer game

The UBC Culture and Self Lab is looking for students, specifically with experience in Computer Science to assist with a study involving attention and memory. The ideal research assistant will be asked to create a multi-player, 2-dimensional virtual board game for use in the study. The game is a simplified interpretation of an old board game called ‘Game of Life’ where people make educational, employment and family decisions which determine their ‘success’ at the end. Data captured from participant decisions during the game play will be collated and analysed toward the research findings.

The RA may get involved in the entire research process, from design to analysis. The project will be under the direction of the Principal Investigator, Dr. Steven Heine and his graduate student, Anita Schmalor. Letters of reference will be provided if needed.

To apply, please forward your unofficial transcript and CV to the lab manager, Vanessa -

Queer Coded Survey

Are you a CS student who identifies as queer and/or trans? Are you interested in joining a student group that lets you connect with others in the queer community? This is your chance to make your voices heard.

Queer Coded is a newly created, student-run, social and support group for queer and/or trans people in the CS department. Our goal is to create a safe, engaging environment, and to provide opportunities for personal and professional development.

We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas! If you are interested, please fill out the survey, provided below: