Hiring for First Year Committee

The Computer Science Student Society First Year Committee (FYC for short) provides an exciting opportunity for students new to UBC interested in computer science to give back to their community. Along the way you will develop new interpersonal skills as you plan and coordinate events for your peers, and you’ll meet a bunch of new people along the way!

If you’re passionate about computer science, and have previous experience running events of any sort, you are encouraged to apply for an interview.

The FYC will be composed of roughly 6-8 students, and the roles are as follows:

  • First Year Representative(s):
    • Run meetings with the FYC bi-weekly/monthly as available
    • Oversee operations within the committee
    • Delegate tasks to committee members
    • Ensure that committee members have what they need to accomplish their tasks
  • Committee Members:
    • Attend meetings as scheduled by the First Year Representative(s)
    • Brainstorm and create events
    • Market events to classmates
    • Assist in running events/operation of events