September 2005 Newsletter

Hey all you CSers! We hope you’ve all been settling into your new year of courses. Whether you’re straight out of high school–looking like deer in headlights–or in your _n_th year of studies, just hoping that you might finally graduate after five co-op work terms and going on an exchange to Japan, it would benefit you to make the most of things. That is, it is highly advisable to take advantage of some of the great events that are happening around you before midterm seasons hits and we’re all peeling ourselves off the floor, trying to dig our way out as the walls of the basement computer labs seem to be getting closer and closer.

Congratulations to your new CS Year Representatives:

  • Andrew Newman, 1st Year Rep <1styearrep(at)>
  • Michael Chuang, 2nd Year Rep <2ndyearrep(at)>
  • Arash Malek, 3rd Year Rep <3rdyearrep(at)>
  • Charles Bihi, 3rd Year Rep <3rdyearrep(at)>
  • Liza Ma, 4th+ Year Rep <4thyearrep(at)>
  • Jake McRoberts, 4th+ Year Rep <4thyearrep(at)>

They will be helping to promote events and serve as representatives for your year of study. Should you have any concerns that pertain only to your class, you may contact them as easily as any of our executives.


Who’s Who Contest

Think you know your profs REALLY well? Try identifying faculty and staff from their baby pictures! We have two prizes to give away from our sponsors for the top answers: “Madden NFL 06” from EA and “Dark Summit” from Radical Entertainment. Final submissions will be accepted at the beginning of the AGM on Thursday, after which the winners will be announced.

Pick up paper copy at the CSSS office (X139) or see it online at:

Good Luck!

Clothing Design Contest

Back by popular demand, this is your chance to have all your classmates donning your logo design. Not only that, the winner also receives a free shirt imprinted with their logo! The entry deadline is on Friday, September 30, after which everyone will be invited to vote for their favourite design. Please submit your logos to .


CSSS Annual General Meeting

The CSSS will be having an AGM on Thursday Sept. 22 from 12:30 - 1:30 pm. This will be happening in the Student Lounge (near Reboot Cafe). We’ll talk about some events we are planning, and then we’ll open up the floor to get feedback from students. Everyone is invited!

You should come if you:

  • have any suggestions or comments for CSS
  • are interested in hearing about upcoming events
  • want to see the execs up close and in person!
  • want free chips!

We’ll also be giving away the prizes for the Who’s Who Contest!

Hope to see you there!

LAN Party and Movie Night

Itching to show off your 1337 skillz? Wanting to hang out and meet some of your fellow CSers while catching an evening movie? We’re currently planning a LAN Party and Movie Night at the beginning of October. Ready to blast apart your lab partner in a friendly game of CounterStrike? Want to form an adventure party with some classmates in World of Warcraft? Have some suggestions for great films? Drop by the CSSS forum and let us know! Otherwise, you’ll be stuck playing StarCraft and watching Top Gun…

BBQ and Bzzr Garden

Looking to meet some new people and drown away some bad memories? Tentatively scheduled for sometime in mid-October, the CS BBQ and Bzzr Garden will be a fun filled event, featuring some serious grooves from A Sheep at the Wheel, runner-ups for 2005’s Best New Local Band from the Georgia Straight. Check the website for updates.

Intramurals and Tournaments

Here’s the deal. If you and your CS friends want to make up a team for any of the UBC REC intramural leagues or tournaments, the CSSS will subsidize you 3$ for every person on that team.

Day of the Long Boat is coming up, on October 1st and 2nd. The last day to register is Wednesday September 21, and it costs 165$ for a student team. You can register teams of 10-12 in person at the SRC (student recreation centre by the B-line bus loop) OR online at

Once you have registered your team, you can contact so that you can get your subsidized portion of the fee back (save your receipts!!).

There are also a bunch of different league sports happening this term which CSSS will also contribute to if you get a full squad of CS’ers out for. For first term the leagues that you can join are:

  • ultimate frisbee
  • handley cup soccer
  • cross volleyball
  • nitobe basketball
  • todd ice hockey
  • bodin ball hockey
  • dodgeball
  • flag football

Make sure you check for registration deadlines because they are coming up within the next week or two!!!! You can also find details here about game times and locations.

REC also offers a wide variety of other activites including dance, fitness, martial arts and outdoor activities to name a few. There are smaller one-time tournaments offered through the year – gladiator, ice wars, pool pandemonium which are also UBER fun, especially if youre looking for that one night of fantastic excitement…

If you have any questions or need clarifications e-mail Jenny your CS sport rep at OR you can always go to OR swing by the SRC and pick up a program guide for everything you ever wanted to know about sports and recreation at UBC.

SO GO!!!! get away from that computer screen and play play play!!!! (we all need that once and awhile) Find a team, have fun and run around!!! :)


Computer Science Tri-mentoring Program

Are you interested in being mentored by an industry or faculty mentor? If yes, please come and find out more about the CS tri-mentoring program on September 20 (Tuesday) at 5:30 pm and join us for the orientation at 6 pm. Both sessions will be held in the Dempster Pavillion 310.

The info session will be held from 5:30 to 6 pm, and the orientation from 6 to 7:30 pm. If you have never been in the tri-mentoring program, please come at 5:30 pm to find out the program details. If you have participated in the program in the past, please come at 6 pm. Please note that attending the orientation is a requirement for joining the program. Juices and pop will be provided. Please bring a snack.

Please email Michele Ng at to sign up for the info session and the orientation.

Undergraduate Representatives Needed

The department would like to have an undergraduate representative on the following committees:

  • Communications
  • Computing
  • Curriculum
  • Executive
  • Faculty Affairs
  • Focus on Women in Computing
  • Recruiting
  • Recruiting Instructors
  • Space
  • Teaching & Learning Support
  • Undergrad Affairs

This is your chance to voice any suggestions or concerns you have about various elements in our department. If you are interested in being on one of these committees please contact Nakisa at .

Computer Science Alumni Panel

(This event is open to Alumni, Current Students and Potential Students)

As part of UBC’s 90th Anniversary celebrations and the Alumni Reunion Weekend, the UBC Department of Computer Science is hosting its first-ever Alumni Panel Series. Distinguished CS alums Yvonne Coady (faculty at UVic) and Ron Rabin (project manager at IBM) discuss careers and directions in Computer Science with other alums, current students, prospective students, and you! As well, Michiel van de Panne, NSERC Research Chair in Graphics and Animation will be discussing recent trends in his research area and other areas in the Department.

When: Saturday, October 1
Where: Hugh Dempster Pavilion, Rm 310 - 6245 Agronomy Road
Time: Noon - 1 pm for panel series, 1pm - 2pm for reception and networking

Find out where a computer science degree can take you and make the connections that will help get you there! Learn more about your options and start building your professional network at the same time. (Plus, snag some free hors d’oeuvres at the reception!)

You can learn more about the panel series at (click “20052006 Alumni Panel Series”) RSVP Appreciated. Please email or contact Michele at 604-822-5693.

Career Days 2005

Career Days 2005 is an annual campus-wide Career Fair put on by UBC Career Services. It will be held on October 5 and 6 in the Student Union Building Concourse. This event is an excellent opportunity to network and connect with employers from a variety of industries.

Microsoft will be there!!!

Check the website for updates.


Google Tuesday, September 27; 5:30-7:30pm @ Dempster Pavilion, Room 310

Google is headed your way.

Not only are we coming to campus, we’re busy solving a bunch of problems that might interest you too. Problems in global information access. Natural language processing. Large-scale system design. Machine translation. Artificial intelligence.

But it’s not all work.

Google offers great benefits, collegial environments, and plenty of smart people to hang with.

Sound appealing?

We really want to meet software engineers who are burning to solve big problems – and who wouldn’t mind working where great solutions are happily rewarded.

To apply, send your resume AND copies of your unofficial transcripts to [email protected] Please write “Software Engineer” in the subject line.

Want to find out more?

We’ll be hosting an event at UBC where you can meet Google engineers and learn first-hand what it is like to work at our extraordinary company.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Tech Talk and Information Session: 5:30 pm in Hugh Dempster, Room 310 (food, drinks, and Google giveaways included)

All welcome!!

IBM Wednesday, September 28; 5:30-7:30pm @ Wesbrook Building, Room 201

Are you interested in finding more about the “Big Blue”? Come to the IBM Campus Tour and meet your IBM Student Ambassador, Erik Zawadzki!

“IBM IS HIRING!!! We are looking for Business and Technical graduates to fill a number of roles: Sales, Consulting, Procurement, Human Resources, Finance, IT, Software Developers, Business Analysts, and many, many more!

IBM is coming to your campus because we want to speak with you! We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to attend the Business and Technical Information Session on Wednesday September 28, 2005 from 5:30-7:30pm in the Wesbrook Building Room 201. This is your chance to learn about our exciting New Graduate opportunities for 2006 and meet with hiring managers from across our business!”

Accenture Thursday, September 29; 5:30-7:30pm @ Wesbrook Building, Room 100

Few career options offer a better platform for success than consulting. It’s the ideal first career move because it enables you to develop your career, learn great skills and keep your career options open.

Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company. Committed to delivering innovation, Accenture collaborates with its clients to help them become high performance businesses and governments. To apply, visit and submit your application by October 7, 2005.

Business Objects Tuesday, October 11; 5:30-7:30pm @ Wesbrook Building, Room 100

Free food will be provided.


In My Experience

Are you a senior CS student with plenty of experience under your belt? Are you a combined major, plain CS major, CS honours, cognitive systems major, or studying any of a number of such CS related concentrations? Have you a friend or sibling who may have recently graduated from the UBC CS program? If any of these apply to you, we want to hear from you! The In My Experience speaker series, an annual tradition that was started last year, has senior students and recent graduates speak to younger CS students who have no idea what they’ve gotten themselves into. Please email Nakisa at if you’re interested.

Computer Science Button and Day Planner

Come to the CSSS office any time to pick up your very own Computer Science button and day planner featuring the new CSSS logo!

Supplies are limited - so first come, first served. Drop down any time during our office hours which are posted here. You can also go to “Who We Are” and find them there, as well as other information about the CSSS.

Food Sale

As a service to you, we are now supplying quality snacks at wholesale prices. Cans of pop are now on sale at the CSSS Office for $0.50 each, and chips will be arriving shortly at similar competitive prices. Visit the CSSS Office during normal office hours to take advantage of this great deal, and stay for a game of foosball while you’re at it!

Free Licensed Software

Ever wanted a totally free, legal, and licensed version of Windows XP Professional? Now you can get it, along with plenty of other Microsoft software. As a UBC CS student, you are entitled to all these tools. Please see the website for more information.