Become a UBC MUG Leader for CPSC Students

Application Deadline: January 31st 2007

Given that we now have Imagine UBC MUG groups especially dedicated to incoming CPSC students, it would be great if we could get some energetic, enthusiastic volunteers from Computer Science!

If you are interested in joining the UBC Orientations team ( ) for the orientations-season of 2007 as a: 1. MUG Leader, Squad Manager or Welcome Team Member with IMAGINE UBC 2. Group Leader or Welcome Leader with GALA - INTERNATIONAL ORIENTATION 3. Group Leader with PARENT, TRANSFER STUDENT or MATURE STUDENT ORIENTATION … then please visit our NEW Leaders and Volunteers site at to apply online.

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For more information on the programs themselves, you can go to and click on the left-hand menu for specific information on the UBC Orientations programs. The deadline for applications is 31st of January 2007, but the earlier you apply, the better the choice of timeslots you will have for your Group Interview with senior leaders on our team. Group Interviews will take place February 2nd – 8th at Gage Residence Commonsblock. Please note that both new and returning applicants will be required to attend group interviews. Applicants must be returning as registered UBC students in September of 2007 to be eligible for positions with UBC Orientations. If you have any questions or would like more information, please visit the website or contact us at 604.822.8698 ( [email protected]).