Executive Nominations

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Are you, or somebody you know, interested in making a difference around the Computer Science Department? Do you enjoy leadership positions and the opportunity to give back to your community?

Every year around this time, we hold the elections for the following year’s Executive Committee. This committee, elected by their fellow Computer Science classmates, lead the Computer Science Student Society (the CSSS). If you think you, or any of your friends, would be a great fit for one of the executive roles then nominate them/yourselves!

Get your nomination form here, and have it back to Matthew Dorfmann by noon, February 28. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact elections[at]thecube[dot]ca.

Once nominations are in, we intend to announce the full list of accepted nominations by 1 PM on February 28, then have a campaign period March 3 through 10 and the election March 10 and 11. Votes will be counted on March 11 after close of polls.

The Executive Committee


The President is the head of the overall club. This means that in addition to handling the daily running of the club, they get to supervise the other Executives, and perform some administrative duties surrounding Executive meetings.

Vice President, Volunteering

The Vice President, Volunteering (VPV) is tasked with finding people eager to interact with the Department and serve on the Department Committees. In addition to this, the VPV organizes recruitment of undergraduate students in the Department into other volunteer positions.

Vice President, Internal

The Vice President, Internal (VPI) assists the President in the daily running of the club. This responsibility largely consists of the running the Cube, the CSSS club room. The VPI, if necessary, will also recruit a Supply Manager for organizing the pickup of supplies for the cube, as well as officers to assist in the running of the Cube.

Vice President, External

The Vice President, External (VPE) is the CSSS’s liaison with companies and groups outside of the university. One of the largest responsibilities of the VPE is the planning and execution of the annual Career Fair.

Vice President, Social

The Vice President, Social (VPS) is in charge of the planning and execution of all of the Cube’s social and sporting events. In the past, these have included frequent barbeques, board game nights, LAN parties, Ice Skating, Rock Climbing, and Lazer Tag.

Vice President, Communications

The Vice President, Communication (VPC) is in charge of producing and distributing all advertising pertaining to club business, as well as communicating club activities to members.

Vice President, Finance

The Vice President, Finance (VPF) is responsible for all of the clubs finances. This includes the preparation and submission of budgets, as well as assisting other officers in their interactions with the AMS or any of its commissions, if needed.


Monday, February 17, 2014 - 00:00 to Friday, February 28, 2014 - 12:00