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Elections for the Computer Science Student Society executive for the 2011–2012 academic year are coming up! If you’re an undergraduate student in Computer Science, be sure to make your voice heard. Please bring your student card!

President: Vlad Zaharia

Hi Everyone,
My name is Vlad Zaharia and I am running for CSSS President.
Why should you vote for me?

  • 2 Years experience in the CSSS as a Social Coordinator, Publications Officer, Sites of Change member, and member in Department Committees (Computing and Outreach).
  • Microsoft Student Partner for Term One, where I collaborated with Microsoft to promote products, services, and events throughout the campus.
  • Volunteered in various CSSS and Department events, including Movie Nights, LAN Parties, and Tech Trek.

What will I do?

  • Ensure that our various events (Food Sales, Game Nights, Boat Cruise, etc) continue to be a success.
  • Work with the Industry to ensure that our career fair is highly attended and successful. Continue working with the department and industry to bring events that benefit students, such as more industry panels and information sessions.
  • Collaborate with the industry to allow students to have tours of the work environments at different Vancouver-based companies.
  • Organize events that increase the exposure of the society, and attract new members.

I want to improve the society, but I can’t do this without your votes. So make sure to vote for me, Vlad Zaharia, for CSSS President.

Vice President, Administration: Sang-Jung (Sean) Lee

My name is Sean and I’m running for VP Admin for CSSS this year. I’ve worked very hard this year as a VP Social, bringing you more BBQs and Pizza Sales than the CSSS has ever had, and finding sufficient funds to put off some great events like the Robot Party and the first ever Starcraft 2 tournament at UBC. But more importantly, the CSSS collaborated with other clubs on campus, bridging strong connections and setting us up for even better events for the years to come. It’s been a lot of stress, pressure, but it’s been a ride, despite this being my first year at the Cube.
Next year, I hope to continue my involvement but would like to take a step back as the VP Admin. As one of the only two returning execs, I’m sure I’d be valuable in any position, but being VP Admin position will provide me the flexibility I need to avoid jeopardizing my other activities while staying at the Cube. I’m currently the VP Admin of the UBC Starcraft Club as well.

Vice President, Communications: Kevin Miller

I am a first year computer science student who is interested in being the Vice President, Communications of the Computer Science Student Society. As VP Communications I will work to keep you informed and up to date on the many events hosted by The Cube, as well as contribute to the overall running of The Cube. I am reliable and hardworking, and will make sure I do a good job.
A little bit about myself. In my free time I play a lot of video games, as well as program. I am interested in game design, and have programmed many small games for fun. I usually hang around the computer science building, and am always up for a game. One day I hope to gain super cow powers.
You should vote for me if you want a good, hardworking VP Communications. (though you should also vote for me if you don’t want one) I will push to continue hosting many fun events, as well as many new ones, and also try to get some new faces to come out to them. I will continually stay in contact with UBC Faculty and Staff to make sure you get information about your interests. Thanks, and vote YES for Kevin Miller!

Vice President, External: Richard Lo

Since the beginning I’ve been involved with the cube, first as a social coordinator and later as the VP Internal. From my years of experience I have gathered a strong understanding of the way the Cube works and how all its members are awesome and diverse. The first time I visited the Career Fair was in my 2nd Year, at the time it felt like it was something that was still far off and was not part of my list of worries. However, being at the Career Fair filled me with an overwhelming sense of inspiration and awe as I saw all these huge companies marketing themselves towards students and trying to recruit the best of the lot. After my experience of applying to jobs through the co-op program, I can say that it is truly amazing how beneficial it can be to have a good conversation with a recruiter.
I want to provide everyone with the chance to meet face to face with potential employers and see for themselves how coveted and talented they are in the market. I promise to plan a Career Fair that will include the industry’s best companies and allow students to expand their network, so vote Richard Lo for Vice President External!

Vice President, Internal: Kerry Li

My name is Kerry, and I’m running for VP Internal for the CSSS. I’ve been involved in the CSSS for 3 years now – 2 of them as an Office Manager for the Cube. I estimate that I have spent roughly 6 hours a day in the Cube, every school day, for these past 3 years. Given this experience, I believe I have the ability to perform well as VP Internal.

If elected, I will continue to keep the Cube’s services available to you, including:

  • Keeping the Cube open as long as we can
  • Keeping the Cube stocked with food and drinks, sold to you as cheap as possible
  • Continuing locker services
  • And more!

I will strive to make the Cube more accessible to everyone, as a place where anyone can come in and meet new people, have fun, get help with schoolwork and feel welcome. Have any suggestions on what we should sell, or how we could improve your experience with the CSSS? I’m all ears, and given the time I spend in the Cube, it will be very easy for you to reach me.

All in all, I want to make your experiences with the CSSS to be as great as possible. So, please vote for me to be your next VP Internal!

Vice President, Social: Omri Wallach

Hi, my name is Omri Wallach and I’m running for Vice President - Social of the Computer Science Society. Last year I transferred to UBC from Western Ontario, and I tried to get involved right away. I am currently a Social Coordinator for the Computer Science Society, and I’m hoping to be elected to the Social position to continue and improve upon what I’ve learned while being here. I want to continue having events such as barbecues and pizza sales, as it is always nice to provide cheap, tasty food to Comp. Sci students. As well, the board game nights, LAN sessions, dance party with Cogs, and any other events represent a fun way to relax and socialize outside of class. I know I can keep the fun events going and try to add my own.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011 - 18:58 to Wednesday, March 23, 2011 - 18:58


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