Computer Science Community Programs Positions

“…Community-Oriented Programming”

The Cube is starting up a three new positions in the Volunteering Committee whose missions are to push Computer Science students to become community-minded citizens. We hope to achieve this goal by:

  1. Organizing charity events to raise money for good causes
  2. Creating volunteer programs for CS students to utilize their skills in helping others in their community
  3. Ensuring awareness of the wealth of volunteer opportunities outside The Cube and UBC
  4. Educating CS students of the many social issues that our community has to deal with

Currently, we need volunteers like you to take up these positions. Please take the time to look over the positions available below. To apply, simply e-mail a résumé and the position(s) of interest to [email protected] with the subject line “Cube Application - Your Name”. If applying for multiple positions, please rank them in order of preference.

Community Events Director (1–2 Positions)
This position will be an awesome opportunity to show your management skills! As a director, you will be expected to lead the team in the coordination of a community event of your choice.
Community Events Organizer (4 Positions)
For someone who wants to contribute by volunteering and assisting in the organizing of an event. This position is good for someone still trying to gather experience and to perhaps become an events director next year.
Volunteer Awareness Coordinator (1 Position)
There are so many more volunteer opportunities outside of The Cube and UBC! This is why we need someone to be continuously on the lookout. This position will require lots of research and some liaison with other clubs to keep the committee up-to-date with such opportunities.

Just to spark some interest, here are a couple of initiatives we are working on:

Homeless Action Initiative
This program will be dedicated to directly helping the homeless living in the Vancouver Downtown Core. A team of volunteers will be recruited to prepare food (i.e. jelly sandwiches; tea) and/or distribute it on a monthly basis.
“Byte to Eat” Food Drive
A Food Drive to collect non-perishable food and monetary donations for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society. This year, the food drive will be expanded to other departmental societies with competition from CSS (Cognitive Systems), EECE (Electrical and Computer Engineering), and MISA (Microbiology).

Hope to hear from you soon and good luck on your midterms!