Peer Tutoring!

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Wanna be a tutor?

Help solidify your own knowledge of the material, improve communication skills, gain volunteer experience, and help out a fellow student! Don't be afraid if you think you won't be able to answer a question. The student you are helping does not expect you to know everything! You can always go to the Learning Centre and get additional help from a TA.

Need a tutor?

Get help with a difficult course! If that's not reason enough (!!!) you'll get to meet another student who can probably give you advice on other CS related things, eg. courses to take, great profs, etc. Remember though that they are a student like you so don't expect them to know everything!

If you'd like to participate, here's how to do it:

  1. Go to
  2. Create an account on the CSSS website or login with an existing account.
  3. Click 'my account' on the side bar
  4. Go to the 'edit' tab
  5. Click 'UBC'
  6. Halfway down the page you can select whether you would like to request the help of a volunteer tutor, or you would like to volunteer as a tutor.
  7. Enter the courses (or programming languages) you want help with, or you want to tutor in.

(Email webmaster[at] if you have any trouble.)

We'll match you up and then let you go from there! We'll also have fun informal social sessions for participants.