Clothing, food, and new office manager

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Edit: For detailed clothing info, please see

Edit: Deadline has been extended to November 14th. (This is the last time, ;-) )

Clothing samples have now arrived in X139. So make sure you have the right size for your order, which is due Friday (not anymore, see the edit below). If you've submitted an order form already and want to double check (since they only arrived today), just come down and we can make changes if necessary. You can find more about our clothing sale at

Available colours:

Also, since the samples only arrived a few days ago, we have graciously extended the deadline for T-shirt orders to November 4th, 2005 at 2pm. Please submit them ASAP, as the sooner we get the orders in to our supplier, the sooner they will arrive!

We haven't really done an official announcement on this, but we now sell pop and chips for the low, low price of 50 cents. The initial reaction has been overwhelming and we're in talks with year representatives to arrange regular shipments of goodies to the Cube office.

The extra responsibilities that the CSSS has taken on this year, has made us realize that another executive position is merited. Thus, the grandiose title of "CSSS Office Manager" has now been bestowed upon Eugene Chan. Even since being sworn into office last week in a rather unofficial ceremony, he will be coordinating office affairs (that means more office hours for the CSSS) and is not above playing a few games of NHL 2003 every now and then on our ever-popular Xbox console.