CSSS Recruitment

Hey everyone,

The Cube is still looking for more awesome people to help us out with our events. If you are interested in any of the following positions please send an e-mail to the contact listed for the position by October 18.

SOCIAL POSITIONS (contact [email protected])

Social Coordinator (1 position open)

Social Coordinators are responsible for organizing and running awesome social events for CS students. Past events include Bowling, Movie Nights, LAN Parties, Lazer Tag and the popular Year-End Boat Cruise!

Sports Rep (2 positions open)

Sports Reps are in charge of organizing intramural teams on behalf of the CSSS. This can include organizing teams to take part in UBC REC Leagues or events such as Storm the Wall.

VOLUNTEERING POSITIONS (contact [email protected])

Imagine1Day Coordinator

The CSSS will be working with the local organization Imagine1Day this year to help build schools in Ethiopia. The Coordinator will be in charge of managing the UBC CS student's creatribution.

Department Committees

The department is still looking for undergraduates to sit on various committees.
See http://cs.ubc.ca/local/administration/committees.jsp for descriptions of all the committees.

Available positions:

Classroom Experience (1 position open)
Communications (1 position open)
Computing (1 position open)
Focus on Women In Computing (1 position open)
Space and Safety (1 position open)
Teaching and Learning Support (2 positions open)

COMMUNICATIONS POSITIONS (contact [email protected])

2nd and 3rd Year Representatives (2 positions open, per year)

Year Representatives act as liaisons between the CSSS and the students in their respective year groups. Year Reps are responsible for communicating the views of their peers to the CSSS and to increase student involvement by promoting our events.