2010 Executive Election Results

Categories: Elections

Elections are over, and the results are in, pending any candidate-requested recounts. If a candidate wishes a recount to be taken, they should e-mail [email protected] by 11:59:59PM, Sunday, March 28, 2010. Barring any changes to the outcome, congratulations to our new executives-elect:


Jré Sarenac: 99 in favour, 5 against

Vice President, Communications

Bertrand Ong: 103 in favour, 6 against

Vice President, External

Jeremiah Tantongco: 53
Mubashshir Zakir: 51

Vice President, Internal

Richard Lo: 90 in favour, 9 against

Vice President, Social

Karen Lee: 94
Luke Yin: 15

Vice President, Volunteering Services

André Malan: 64
Jiang Nan: 31
Jordan Chin: 19


Melissa Smith: 59
Bobby Kim ^_^: 44
Benjamin Israel: 26


Christina Chan: 49
Eva Lam: 49

Total votes cast: 127

Thanks to everyone who voted and ran, congratulations to the winners, and good luck to next year’s executive! The new executives will take power on May 1, 2010, with the exception of the treasurer who will take power at the time of treasurer orientations with the AMS Finance Commission.

Note that as there was a tie for the position of Secretary, unless affected by a recount, there will be no secretary in the executive-elect. The new executive may appoint a secretary once it takes power.