Volunteer Tutoring Program

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Hope the new school year has started off smoothly for you all!

Amidst all your studying and other activities, we would like to introduce you to our new Tutoring Program, brought to you by The Cube. Whether you need some extra academic help as a tutee or want to strengthen your computer science knowledge as a tutor, this would be the perfect program to be a part of!

Students taking first year computer science courses (CPSC 111 and CPSC 121) will have the opportunity to be matched with more experienced computer science students who can help them with course material and other related questions for the term. If you are interested and would like to register, please complete the attached Tutee Registration form and email it to [email protected] with the subject line: "Tutee Registration - Your Name".

For those students who have completed CPSC 111 and CPSC 121, you are strongly encouraged to apply to be a tutor! Becoming a tutor will not only refresh your computer science knowledge and improve your leadership skills but will also provide you with a better foundation should you be interested in applying to become a TA in the future. Tutoring helps to develop both interpersonal and communication skills, which are solid sought after assets in the work field today. Please apply by completing the attached Tutor Application form and emailing it to [email protected] with the subject line: "Tutor Application - Your Name".

Applications must be received promptly by midnight, September 30, 2009. We will then send you more information regarding your interview times (for tutors) and tutor-tutee matchups.

The Cube Volunteer Tutoring Program provides an excellent opportunity to meet other students in the CPSC Department and make new friends! We hope that everyone will seize this opportunity and look forward to hearing from you all!

Best regards,

Quincy and Nan
Tutoring Coordinators, Volunteering Services