Tri-mentoring Orientation 2007

Categories: Career

How are the first few days back in school? Having lots of fun, meeting old and new friends, or feeling grumpy that the summer has ended? Hope that you all are enjoying a brand new start in the new school year.

Don’t know if you have already heard about the news; this year, the tri-mentoring program has EXPANDED and has recruited mentors from- ready for the list?- Telus, IBM, Microsoft, EA, Business Objects, Apple, MDA, Blast Radius, Accenture, Genome Sciences Centre, BC Cancer Agency! All of these organizations have sent out mentors to share past experience with us fellow students!

Also, for junior students, here is a great chance to find out all the things that you are wondering about: joining coop, choosing courses, obtaining programming experiences, and how to get a good coop job etc. In tri-mentoring, you will find that devoted senior students who are more than glad to share their experiences with you!

Don’t miss out on the great one-on-one opportunity to interact with these fantastic people! Come out to the Tri-mentoring orientation and find out what this program is all about!

Date: Sept 11, 2007
Start Time: 5:30
Place: DMP 110


Tuesday, September 11, 2007 - 18:30 to 20:00


DMP 110