CSSS Annual Year-End Boat Cruise

The CSSS is having another annual year end boat cruise, and everyone’s invited! Tickets are available in the Cube office @ICICS 021. The price of the ticket includes dinner.

CS: $35 (+referral)
Non-CS: $45
Early Bird discount: 5$ off the above prices up to Friday, March 22, including referral!

(+referral = you can refer someone and they also get the subsidized price)
(Any student currently enrolled in a CPSC course is considered CS)

Saturday, March 30, 2013 - 19:00
501 Denman Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V6G 2W9

2013 CSSS Election Results

The election results are in!

57 votes were accepted out of 59 total.

3 People ran for president:
Anmol Gupta: 20 votes
James Deng: 27 votes
Henry Chee: 21 votes
James Deng is president elect.

3 others ran and were elected into their chosen positions:
Mike Wu (VP Finance): 46 yea, 2 nay
Matthew Arnold (VP Communications): 44 yea, 6 nay
Michael Kwan (VP Social): 47 yea, 3 nay

Since not every position had a candidate, our remaining positions still need to be filled. Email vpc [at] thecube [dot] ca about your chosen position if interested!