Welcome to the Computer Science Student Society, the student club for undergraduates at the UBC Department of Computer Science. We provide a social space where everyone’s welcome (in ICICS 021), run events, and represent your interests to the department. For more events you may be interested in, please see the department's calendar. Please feel free to email us at [email protected].

Enter BCNET's Applications Contest

BCNET is out to prove how innovative applications are being used over BCNET's advanced research networks. If you have created a really unique online application that is making a difference, then enter BCNET's Coolest Applications Contest. Use whatever you know about PHP, ASP .NET and other online technologies to earn cash prizes and fame (in BC anyways)! :-)

You must apply by October 31st and provide a working version by January 30th, 2006. More details can be found on the contest poster.

New Website Launch

    "It looks so cool... and new!" -- Anonymous Coward

By now, you should have noticed the totally new redesigned website that is running. The server's now been upgraded to Fedora Core 4. Along with that, we've put in a CMS (Content management system) running Drupal. Much of the content from the old site has been migrated into the new database-driven website, however, some pages are still rough around the edges.

CUTC 2006 - Canadian Undergraduate Technology Conference

Want to see what's up and coming in Canada's IT industry? The Canadian Undergraduate Technology Conference provides students with an opportunity to interact with the brightest student minds from around Canada, as well as representatives from North America's leading IT companies! Companies such as Bell, Cognos, General Electric, IBM, and Microsoft -- to name a few -- participated in last year's conference.

We have a winner!

After much effort and vote counting, we have a winner! Leading the pack with 17 amazing votes is design #6. Its graceful cubic lines evidently struck a note in the hearts of CPSC'ers everywhere and will be featured on whatever products we can come up with this year.

We applaud the designer of #6, Johnson Chuang, as well as the 71 people who took the time to vote. Kudos to the runner ups, #1 and #4. Remember, if you didn't make it this time around, there's always next year!

Button Contest Update

Due to the enormous amount of responses that we received and in order to facilitate voting, a panel of judges narrowed the field of designs to 12. You can view these designs by visiting the CSSS website @ http://thecube.ca/, click on CS Button Contest (editor’s note: now closed). Vote for your favourite designs by e-mailing nakisa AT cs DOT ubc DOT ca. Make sure you include your name, student ID and the choice for your design. The last day for voting is August 12, 2005.