Maple CTF 2022

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Maple CTF is the first Capture the Flag event made exclusively for all UBC students and affiliates! Whether this is the first time you’re hearing the term CTF, or you’re a seasoned veteran, Maple CTF will provide an awesome week long experience! Join one of the megateams and compete in a variety of interesting cybersec challenges, winning prizes and learning lots along the way.

What is Capture the Flag?
Capture the Flag competitions, or CTF’s, are computer security competitions where various teams compete to find and retrieve special text strings, called “flags”, which are hidden within pages, apps, and files. You’ll need to hack web pages, crack codes, and break programs to get those flags!

When and where?
Online from Jan 21st to Jan 28th! Maple CTF fits your own schedule – tackle as many or as few challenges through the week, any time you want :)

What’s in it for me?
On top of a fun, competitive, and educational experience, there will be $850 in cash prizes as well as interview opportunities with our sponsors! By simply participating, you already are eligible for the chance to win prizes :)

Awesome! How can I join?
Join our Discord! There you’ll be able to join teams, discuss the event, and be kept up with the latest announcements.

More FAQ and information is available on the Maple CTF website.

See you there!

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