2008 Hallowe’en Costume Contest Results

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The results of the 2008 Hallowe’en Costume Contest are out! Congratulations to our winners:

  • Scariest: Myles as Raistlin Majere
  • Most CS-Oriented: Leigh-Anne as NAND Gate
  • Most Original: Tom as Robot

Here are all the costumes (click a thumbnail for original size):

Myles as Raistlin Majere

Tristan as Quicksilver

Elizabeth as Starfleet Officer

Leigh-Anne as NAND Gate

Leigh-Anne as Noble Gas

Leigh-Anne as Noble Gas

Amy as Da Qiao

Amy as Da Qiao

Luke as Obi-Wan from Clone Wars

Donna as Copper

Tom as Steve Zissou

Russell as Robot

Jay as Werewolf Puppy

Matt as Dr. Horrible

Matt as Dr. Horrible


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