Core Executives—2016–2017

The Core Executives are the highest stratum of officer in the Computer Science Student Society. These positions are voted on in the annual spring elections.


Name: Janet Poon

[email protected]

Vice President, Administration

Name: Jinny Byun

[email protected]

Vice President, Communications

Name: Tristan Rice

I try to keep the pretty lights blinking.

[email protected]

Vice President, External

Name: Jerome Rasky

Computer science is about having fun and paying attention to the details. Bring an interesting story and a tough challenge and you'll have me hooked.

[email protected]

Vice President, Financial

Name: Kevin Shi

[email protected]

Vice President, Internal

Name: Benson Li

A last year student hoping to give a little back; talk to me about art, job/interview advice, or anything cube related.

[email protected]

Vice President, Social

Name: Henry Chee

[email protected]

Vice President, Volunteering Services

Name: Bea Subion

[email protected]