2011-10-06 Meeting Minutes

Present: Matthew Dorfmann, Fergus Kung, Kerry Li, Kevin Miller, Omri Wallach, Vlad Zaharia
Absent: Sean Lee, Richard Lo


Social Meeting → Next Week TBD
Board Game → Friday, Jules will be there
More Poster Advertising needed, at least one week in advance
Started talking to Tim (COGS) → No updates on event though
BBQ next Friday (Oct 14)
Kerry: Rebuy stuff for BBQ
Omri: Sign up Sheet
Kevin: Put up signs ASAP, send Michele email
Talk with Mahony’s on Friday
Sock Wars late Oct/early Nov


Less clutter
Matt: Get rid of food bank stuff
No more backpacks in walking lanes (ie between couches and table)
Cleanup underneath furniture (table, couches, etc)
Llachlan’s locker → cut off lock, remove contents (currently rented to another guy)
Reminder: Bring sign out / pull up blinds
Keep Xbox corner mildly clean
Controllers left everywhere, lost a few → Pick up all controllers and put them back
Kerry: Throw away 3rd party controllers
Print out list of officers, leave in the Cube


AUS form done, SUS by the end of the week


SOC—Jared emailed guy
Still need to send out email to all people
Writing email soon

Need to recruit new members

Tutoring—No updates. Asked a few people, nobody wants to coordinate
Dept Committees—Sending out second email soon
Faculty Recruiting Committee—No timeframe.


Year Reps—
Chung 4th
Peter BCS
Vlad AUS
3rd, 2nd, 1st Nobody
Publications Officers Nobody

Emails to Michele are happening :)


Waiting on dept for money
Vlad: Bug Chelsey after Friday
Matt's reimbursment was denied → In USD, must have converted to CAD
Omri, Vlad needing reimbursements


Minutes now on website


Revamp website
Chris doing it?
Vlad: Email Chris about it