2008-09-11 Meeting Minutes

CSSS Meeting Minutes
September 11, 2008, 5PM

  • It was noted that very little participation has occurred from many executives; for instance, many mailing list message get answered by very few people. Executives need to pay closer attention and spend time reading the e-mails on the mailing list and replying when appropriate.
  • Locker committee: Albert reports that no progress has been made. He will attempt to contact Llachlan to get things started.
  • Constitution committee: Presley reports that a draft constitution has been prepared by Chris. Moved: to accept the constitution for presentation to a general meeting. Passed.
  • Amy reports that Eric has taken the science fair board. Albert reports that Eric asked him for help preparing the board.
  • Nadia wishes to long-term-loan a copy of Guitar Hero III to the CSSS.
  • Presley reported a variety of available barbecues. He estimates around $500 for a new barbecue; Albert volunteered to look for used barbecues for a lower price.
  • Albert reports a free barbecue is available! Albert volunteered to look into this and acquire it if it looks sufficiently clean and in good condition.
  • Beach day: occurring September 13.
  • Albert volunteered to ask Hasham at Evangelos about getting a banner.
  • Nadia volunteered to prepare a draft of a design for a flag for the CSSS.
  • Clubs Days are September 17 through 19 and we we should have a booth in the SUB for this. We need people to hold the booth from around 9 or 10am to 4pm each of those days. Presley will create a Google document for executives to report their availability for these days.
  • Office hours: we feel that formally scheduled office hours are not needed at this time; we can review this decision later if we find the office is closed too often.
  • The Director of Publications will create a directory of executives' positions and e-mail addresses to post on the office in lieu of having formal office hours.
  • Treasurer's report: we have money and need to spend it! Also, we receive vending machine commissions.
  • Office managers: CLL and Wendy have both expressed interest in being office managers. CLL: defeated 3-1. Wendy: passed.
  • Beer gardens: Elizabeth reports that the math club is interested in holding joint beer gardens with us, and the math club is happy to schedule the beer gardens under their license quota. Elizabeth provided [email protected] as the e-mail address to reach math club's social coordinators ([email protected] is an address to reach the math club itself, who should be Cced on any issues).
  • Guest speaker, Ryan, RIM campus ambassador, reports that he has money to spend on events with students; Amy reported that the CSSS would be happy to help him contact students and advertise his events.
  • Sports Rep: Amy reports that she has scheduled an interview with Jre, who wishes to be sports rep, and that she wishes to place her in a third social coordinator position as well.
  • General Meeting: Amy wishes to call a general meeting for September 25 at 5pm. We intend to present information about CSSS, present the proposed constitution, and discuss locker issues. We will provide food for all attendees, either from campus ambassadors or from CSSS funds.
  • Business cards: Nadia suggested selling printed business cards to students. To be presented at the general meeting.
  • Amy wants executives to have their own business cards; resolved that the Director of Publications would prepare a design for the executive business cards within the next few weeks.
  • Volunteer tutors: Nadia reports that in previous years, students could sign up to be matched for tutoring with other students, and suggested we try this again this year. Agreed; we'll do this by having people register on the website.
  • Elizabeth suggested we start a CSSS folding-at-home team and have members join the team.
  • Nadia suggested there should be a web link from the CS department website to the CSSS site; Jeremiah volunteered to check whether such a link already exists.
  • Nadia suggested that the CSSS could contact companies and arrange tours of companies for students. Presley reports that the Cognitive Systems Society tried that with EA and it was difficult to get permission. Amy suggested contacting the Game Development Association to help arrange this. Jeremiah agreed to look into this issue.
  • Next executive meeting will be (tentatively) September 17 at 5PM.