2008-02-04 Meeting Minutes

CSSS Meeting Minutes
Monday, February 4, 2008, 4pm, DMP310

  1. Post-discussion: Science Week Booth
    How to improve:
    • Get a schedule for running the booth
    • Need more volunteers
    • More organization
  2. Post-discussion: Guitar Hero Tournament
    Went well; Spent $80
  3. Grad boat cruise
    • The date: Fri, Apr 4
    • How much CSSS will subsidize the tickets: $25 last year
    • Decide the cost
      The cost is $50 for the first 50 people (and a minimum number who have to go) and then $35 after that. Last year we charged people $25.
    • Jeremiah and Jenny are in charge
    • Things need to be done:
      1. Send email to confirm if the date is ok
      2. Need to check the max # of people and tell it to Victor (Last year, 60 people participated)
  4. CSSS club photo (at Evangelos)
    Thing need to be done: send email to all execs about the date
  5. Ice-skating activity confirmation (4–5:15pm, Feb 15)
    Jeremiah will get the ads in the office tomorrow afternoon around 1pm (Tue). Make sure all ads will be posted this Thur.
  6. CPSC 121 Review Session
    Same as 111 review session
  7. Beer Garden
    Problem: the date conflicts with ACF (or the replacement of ACF).
    Change date to Mar 28 (Send email to check if this date is ok.)
    Need the license done soon.
  8. Open floor: XBOX live???
  9. Sell Pizza:
    This Fri, try to sell 5 Pizzas in the CS x-wing lounge
  10. Change CSSS meeting time to 12:30pm Tue
    Send email to see if this date is ok