2007-10-15 Meeting Minutes

CSSS Meeting Minutes
Monday, October 15, 2007, 5PM, DMP101

  1. Next year's membership structure/fees:

    For non-CS students becoming member of CSSS: $5 membership fee

    Benefit for becoming CS members:

    • Get discount on food/drink
    • Free locker in CS building—Need talk to Space committee
    • Get exam package
    • Get discount on BBQ and LAN party, for example, the second burger is free
  2. BBQ this week? Thur or Fri.
    • Need to decide a Number system:
      2 different colors needed to distinguish the buyer and the seller
    • Advertising: big poster; send email in advance
    • Sell chocolate bars: eg. Kitkat
      Victor will buy the chocolate on Wed night.
    • Sell cookies
  3. Party planning
    Slashdot 10th anniversary party***(very urgent)
    • Eugene and Andrew will be in charge
    • Target: geeks
    • Location: Reboot café
    • Time: Fri, Oct 26, 5pm
    • Sell: snack, drink
    • Late night BBQ
    • Advertisement: poster; emails sent out in advance
  4. Nov. beer garden***
    • The liquor license: Jeremiah
    • Training: Selena

    Date: Nov 30 (the last day of school), 6pm–???
    Location: Reboot Café
     17 days in advance Notice Reboot
     3 weeks Notice AMS
    BBQ (“licensed” BBQ)
    Dept involved
    Security ($150)
    Volunteer for setting up and cleaning up

  5. Career fair update
    Arash has got everything done

    Location: SUB Ballroom
    Date: Jan 31, 2008

  6. CS clothing
    Need new design: design competition may be put in concern
  7. Advertising our club's events in the SUB?
    Submit our events to AMS and have our events on their calendar?

    Location: SUB/Engineering/LADHA (Not forestry)

  8. Post-discussion: LAN party, Halo 3 party, Tri-mentoring kickoff event
    LAN party: 12 people; hard to set up; need more people to participate
    Halo3 party: 40-50 people showed up, 24 people played
    • Hardware was provided; no one need bring their own
    • Advertisement targeted 3 groups: CS students; UBC video game competitor associate; UBC video game development associate
    • Conclusion:
      1. CSSS has too many events going on, but we don’t have good plan, organizing, and advertising.
      2. We should focus on Slashdot party and Beer garden:
        Plan thing ahead (3 weeks);
        Lots of advertisement needed in advance: emails, poster, etc.
    • Grad photos