2007-03-07 Meeting Minutes

Date: Wednesday Mar 7, 2007
Time: 5:30 – 6:10
Attendance: Andrew Rothbart, Eugene, Justine, Andrew Tjia, Sonya, James

1. ImagineCup
• CSSS sponsors for shirts to go to the Microsoft Semi-Regional Competition in Toronto

2. Clothing
• Order form is up
• Need big advertisement
• Going to send a general email out and class room announcement

3. Class Act
• Need advertisements
• Idea for class act: Lockers, display case, photocopier,
• Can collect donation during cube week or have events accompanying the donation
• Idea for event: Krispy Kreme Sell (Presley will pick up the donuts)
• Send an idea for Class Act to Eugene

4. Boat Cruise
• Jenny is organizing it and is still working out the details
• Will subsidize for boat cruise

5. Exec Election
• Filling roles and send out email to advertise

6. Tri-Mentoring Event
• Closing event Apr. 3rd
• Advertisement or Volunteers for Tri-Mentoring Weblog
• Need ideas for room to fit about 200 people (Sub is booked) E-mail James if anyone has ideas