2006-09-21 Meeting Minutes

2nd Meeting Minute – Sept 21, 2006
CSSS Meeting Minutes
Thursday September 21, 2006; 1:00pm @ CSSS Office

1.0 BBQ Post Mortems (Jamie)
• Looks like we actually made money from the BBQ
• Can possibly serve as a fundraiser for this year
• If possible, see if we can obtain a freezer space for storing veggie burger
• Could advertise the CSSS in CS buildings and forestry
• Next one: Sept 29, 2006 (Thursday)
• ** Execs please help out from 11:30 – 2:30 or anytime in between!

2.0 Department Committees (Eugene)
• Need rep’s on the communication, computing, finance, recruiting, space, teaching and learning support, and undergraduate affairs committees.
• Currently have 1on Curriculum committee but need 1 more.
• Curriculum and space are the two most important ones!!
• Anyone who is interested please message Eugene for more information

3.0 Sus Rep
• Sonya is going to be the SUS rep

4.0 Posters – safe areas for putting them up & alternative advertising methods
• Cleaning staff is not part of CS, so they do not have control over taking down posters
• De-postering, all exec’s can help removing the posters
• Alternative, we can do class room announcement
• We put information on a overhead, and send it to the department
• Profs would like a week’s notice
• Perhaps have a weekly announcement on Mondays
• Can put up posters in the learning centre beside the white board
• Can put a giant cube logo on the CSSS office window (Jamie)

5.0 FOWCS (Lisa)
• Run more events for undergrad female students
• Last year, undergrad meeting grads and people from industry
• Industry or academic related topics have bigger turn outs
• Ideas: grants for women in CS, discussion group
• ** If anyone has ideas on what CSSS can do in partnership with FOWCS, please tell Lisa.

6.0 Mentoring Program
• Peer tutoring
• Feedback from department: could have subsidized tutoring
• Last year, did not have enough students participating
• Math have specific hours dedicated to a certain course
• Can have a signup sheet outside of the Cube’s office during MT period
• Have the professors make class announcement a week ahead of time telling about study group, or 1 on 1 tutoring
• For study group, would like a leader and can have 1st and 2nd grad students helping out with upper level courses
• Need more tutor involvement if decided on doing it
• Jamie and Eugene will keep working on this. Michele Ng is also interested

7.0 Department funding for next year
• CUTC conference of technology in Toronto (Jan 11-13 in Toronto Hilton)
• Content are for people who are interested in technology, consisting of speakers and seminars
• Currently have funds from AMS, but need to decide on who gets the funding for how much and how should we use it?
o Food, registration fee, air fare (about $600 a person)
o Giving preference to graduating students?
o Giving preference to students who never went
o Random drawing
o ** need to find out how much interests are there for this even Send
o ** need more information on air fares etc. Numbers!
• Brainstorm ideas for next year, need to inform the department early

8.0 Company sponsorship
• AMS Career Fair Oct 4th in SUB in ballroom
• Three clubs are joining us for our own Career Fair
• Arash will respond to any e-mail regarding companies interested in career fair

9.0 Exec dinner
• Oct 5th Thursday at lunch.
• Food provided!

10.0 Foosball table
• Table is not durable
• Need to be monitored else it is easily damaged
• Need to be secured to the floor!
• Jamie will take an informal survey tomorrow on Friday
• Base on the turn out, we will discuss in next meeting

11.0 Hot beverage Idea
• Can also sell instant coffee or tea bags, so we only need a hot water machine, which is easier to maintain
• Jamie will look into the cost break down for the machine