Peer Tutoring!

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Wanna be a tutor?

Help solidify your own knowledge of the material, improve communication skills, gain volunteer experience, and help out a fellow student! Don't be afraid if you think you won't be able to answer a question. The student you are helping does not expect you to know everything! You can always go to the Learning Centre and get additional help from a TA.

Need a tutor?

Get help with a difficult course! If that's not reason enough (!!!) you'll get to meet another student who can probably give you advice on other CS related things, eg. courses to take, great profs, etc. Remember though that they are a student like you so don't expect them to know everything!

If you'd like to participate, here's how to do it:

  1. Go to
  2. Create an account on the CSSS website or login with an existing account.
  3. Click 'my account' on the side bar
  4. Go to the 'edit' tab
  5. Click 'UBC'
  6. Halfway down the page you can select whether you would like to request the help of a volunteer tutor, or you would like to volunteer as a tutor.
  7. Enter the courses (or programming languages) you want help with, or you want to tutor in.

(Email webmaster[at] if you have any trouble.)

We'll match you up and then let you go from there! We'll also have fun informal social sessions for participants.

The Big Annual CSSS Clothing Sale of 2008

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Once again, we are selling CS swag again this year! Available for purchase are sweatshirts and t-shirts in a variety of different sizes and colours.

This year, the price of the sweatshirts have been lowered 5 dollars and we now accept Paypal! You do not need a Paypal account to use Paypal - you can just use a credit card too. Of course, if you like, you can still choose to order online and pay in person instead, but you will need to come and track one of us down in order to do so.

Any questions regarding clothing orders should be sent to [email protected].

You can place your orders on theCube online at (editor’s note: now closed). Please order by March 7th, 2008, so we can get these back to you in time for exams!

CSSS Clothing Orders

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It's time for our annual clothing order! Please order your t-shirts and hoodies (editor’s note: now closed) by February 25, 2009.


Button Contest Update

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Due to the enormous amount of responses that we received and in order to facilitate voting, a panel of judges narrowed the field of designs to 12. You can view these designs by visiting the CSSS website @, click on CS Button Contest (editor’s note: now closed). Vote for your favourite designs by e-mailing nakisa AT cs DOT ubc DOT ca. Make sure you include your name, student ID and the choice for your design. The last day for voting is August 12, 2005.

CS Agendas have arrived!

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Come to the CSSS office any time to pick up your very own Computer Science button and day planner featuring the new CSSS logo!

Supplies are limited - so first come, first served. Drop down any time during our office hours which are posted here (editor’s note: now lost). You can also go to "Who We Are" and find them there, as well as other information about the CSSS.