Nomnations Open

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Interested in being part of the CSSS Executive Team next year? Nominations are now open! You can pick up your nomination form at the Cube (ICICS 021).

To see what each executive position entails, please visit Section 8 of our constitution:

Nominations will close on MARCH 13 @ 5PM. Hand in your form to an Executive or Officer at the Cube. Nominees for the President and VP-Finance position must be able to attend a AMS orientation session on either March 21 or March 29 should they be elected

VP Academic Election

Categories: Elections

The Computer Science Student Society will be looking to hold a general election for the position of VP Academic.

The VP Academic shall:

  • Liaise between the department and student body on issues regarding academic matters requiring student input

  • Manage academic resources provided by the club, including the exam database and tutoring services

  • Direct academic-focused events undertaken by the Club

The election process will be divided into two phases, nomination phase and voting phase.

In the nomination phase (Sept 3 - Sept 12 11:59 PM), interested candidates will need to receive at least 10 nominations from CS students to be eligible to move on to the voting phase. Nomination forms can be picked up at the cube (ICICS 021), and must be returned before Sept 12 11:59 PM. If the cube is locked, please slip your forms under the door.

In the voting phase (Sept 13 - Sept 18 11:59 PM), eligible candidates will be voted in through an online election system, the candidate with the most votes at the end of this period will be elected to the position.

Everyone is encouraged to participate in the voting and nomination process!