Core Executives—2013–2014

These were the core executives in the 2013–2014 academic year.


Name: James Deng

Vice President, Administration

Name: Yoo La (Olivia) Sung
Hi, I am Olivia, 2nd year Math and Comp Sci student. I am hoping to get to know more fellow CS students so if you can or ever find me, please say HAAAAAAAAAAI :)

Interested in Rockband/Guitar Hero, Street Fighter, Tekken, and Whitecaps!

Vice President, Communications

Name: Matthew Arnold
I’m Matthew Arnold, a 3rd year Computer Science student at UBC. I’m a big gamer, so I play Q3A, CS, TF2, DotA, and SCII. I hope to help the CSSS be a welcoming place so that CS undergrads have somewhere to hang out and talk.

Vice President, External

Name: Vlad Zaharia

Vice President, External (former; resigned)

Name: Ronald Monillas

Vice President, Financial

Name: Michael Wu

Vice President, Internal

Name: Tony Chu

Vice President, Social

Name: Michael Kwan

Vice President, Volunteering Services

Name: Tushar Chutani