Core Executives—2011–2012

These were the core executives in the 2011–2012 academic year.


Name: Vlad Zaharia
Vlad is a 3rd year Computer Science student. His interests lie in the fields of Software Development, especially on mobile and web platforms, and in Artificial Intelligence. Like any good Canadian, he enjoys watching hockey 8 months of the year, and, like any good European, soccer the other 4 months.

Vice President, Communications

Name: Rylan Santinon

Vice President, Communications (former; unable to continue due to co-op)

Name: Kevin Miller
Kevin is a second year Computer Science student interested in video games and video game development. He is starting coop second term, and has participated in many programs around campus. He is always up to play board games, video games or just talk, and is very passionate about programming. Hail to the king, baby.

Vice President, External

Name: Richard Lo
Richard is a 4th Year Computer Science student at UBC. His interests revolve around network protocols and phone technology development, especially with Android. Outside of school he enjoys biking, kayaking, and snowboarding up at Whistler. He is always looking to meet new people and is always open to hanging out with anyone who wants to chill.

Vice President, Internal

Name: Michael Wu

Vice President, Internal (former; unable to continue due to co-op)

Name: Kerry Li
Kerry is a 3rd year Arts-Computer Science student in his 4th year at UBC who had never programmed coming into university. He doesn’t really have specific academic interests yet. His other interests include sports (and E-SPORTS), gaming, game design, and making spreadsheets. He can almost always be found inside the Cube.

Vice President, Social

Name: Arianne Dee

Vice President, Social (former; unable to continue due to co-op)

Name: Omri Wallach
Omri is a 2nd year Commerce & Computer Science student in his third year of studies. He spent a year at the University of Western Ontario, wanted to be by the ocean, and transferred to UBC. He’s passionate about the entertainment and connectivity of technology and companies, and plans to study A.I., video game design, marketing, and virtual reality. Oh, and soccer. Oh, and he’s tall.

Vice President, Volunteering Services

Name: Angel Cheung

Vice President, Volunteering Services (former; unable to continue due to co-op)

Name: Matthew Dorfmann
Matthew is a 2nd year Computer Science student through the Bachelor of Science. He has grown up in and around Vancouver, and has been interested in programming since he first tried it in grade 11. His main interests in the field lie in video games, software development, and AI. His hobbies include video games, board games, reading, watching movies, tennis/squash, and playing Magic: The Gathering. He can often be found in the Cube or hanging around campus somewhere.

Vice President, Financial

Name: Fergus Kung
Fergus is a 4th year Computer Science student in his (most probably) final year at UBC. His academic interests include business intelligence, data mining, and human computer interaction, while his outside-of-school interests lie in parkour, music, cooking, and gaming.

Vice President, Administration

Name: Sean Lee
Sean is a third year student in Cognitive Systems–Computer stream. He’s interested in studying human computer interaction and artificial intelligence. Outside of his academics, he likes listening to jazz, playing video games and cooking (horribly).