2013-02-01 Meeting Minutes


  1. needs to organize a board game night before the reading break, need to let michele know 2 wks in advance
  2. boat cruise—awaiting on how much money we have


  1. we need to have a agm after reading break—“beef and pizza” event
    1. amendment—“anyone on coop cannot be an exec”
    2. feb 28—12:30–1
    3. ask for opinions on the boat cruise
  2. elections will be first week of march
  3. set up meeting with all the clubs for career fair meeting


  1. make posters for the agm


  1. still has some outstanding receipts (nov 11) to reimburse kerry
  2. get more coin rolls
  3. need to cash in all our roll


  1. needs to get career fair signs back


  1. Make a raffle for artona grad coupons—20% off