2012-11-02 Meeting Minutes


  • need money and people to hold robot party
  • held november 30th
  • 200 max capacity
  • 3$/member (of CSSS or COGS) else 8$/head
  • last year made 1000$ spent 2000$


  • will need to work out to see how we’ll split revenues/costs
  • handle invoice when we get it, money will finalize our involvement
  • $159.10 ($80 loss) from the previous BBQ
  • Get rolls for coins from AMS ASAP and cash what we have
  • Tutoring: pay for group tutoring sessions for 110? ($100/2hr session)


  • Need to advertise the robot party as soon as posters are ready
  • Get tutors interviewed by tuesday with Akshat and Anmol


  • Is Our New VPS
  • Needs to assemble a committee of social coordinators - ask Kerry
  • Need to get food safe on own time - bring receipt to anmol ASAP
  • should look into organizing Board game nights/LAN party
    • talk to matt for posters
  • [e-mail address redacted from public minutes for privacy reasons]


  • buy another set of locks and chains

Career Fair

  • Same specs and place as last year LFSC atrium
  • already have 7 companies