2012-09-14 Meeting Minutes


  • Planning Board Game Nights (to come pending talk with Matt Dorf)
  • Paintball (IPG in Surrey)—Ruby pack, 40 tickets for 320
    • Each ticket gives you eq and admission, first 100 balls $11
    • Need to figure out carpools
    • Possibly collaborate with MicroBi Society—contact ASAP!
  • Need to plan another bbq
    • Need to recruit more people for BBQs
    • Sports / SoCo officer positions available


  • Get propane, try the other BBQ
  • Get Matthew Dorfman to buy new locks
  • Need to get more lanyards (250 lanyards—3 bucks a pop)
  • Pages files how they work
  • Put out an announce for a photographer to assist with the cube
  • Talk to your dad about cube purchasing dim sum in exchange for supply runs


  • For announces, try to emphasize free benefits for volunteers


  • Make two copies of the key for the cashbox
  • Process current monies owed to Kerry
  • Propose and plan pizza party
  • CUS Meeting—See if we can get funding in exchange


  • Get Arianne to be proxy on


  • Make a write up to remind existence of lockers and promote sales and sign up of it to send to Michele
  • Graphic designs to do posters—get assistance from other people
    • New Posters (new designs, see previous minutes for reference)


  • Give anmol access
  • Get comprehensive student list of CS students
  • Need to establish responsibilities and payments for external company events with department
  • Forward Kerry AUS meeting details


  • Talk to Vlad re exec composites