2011-10-19 Meeting Minutes

Present: Matt Dorfmann, Sang-Jung Lee (3:15 PM), Richard Lo (Until 3:27 PM), Kevin Miller, Omri Wallach, Vlad Zaharia Absent: Kerry Li (Supply run)

3:00 PM Meeting begins


Campus Perks

  • People get free BBs, but have to help me with events

3 events

  • Create happiness, vlog, and big BB event
  • 4 BBs + 1 raffle BBs

Non-CSSS parties

  • Foam Party Oct. 26, Oktoberfest 28th


BBQ tomorrow

Computer Gaming Night

  • 301 on the 28th, 5–10 PM
  • Get network hub, Ethernet
    • Likely got it from Chris
  • No set games, depends on who comes


  • Meeting required

Paintball club

  • No progress
  • Really inexpensive

Pub Night

  • Harder to get to
  • Mahony’s is full



  • Follow the instructions on the door
  • If you get in the room, the do the opposite
  • Clean up after yourselves


SUS grant

  • SUS Grant is on the way (we must change the rationale)

Career Fair meeting recap

  • Going to be in LSC instead of SUB, likely less, not sure
  • SUB closed down next year so transition year
  • Other clubs’ commitment level undecided
  • Motioning to getting as many clubs (money) as possible


Sites of Change

  • Not many participants at the moment

Department Reps

  • 4 positions still need to be filled: Outreach, Recruitment, Safety, Teaching



  • Unfilled: 1st year rep, 2nd year rep (tenative Matthew Arnold)
  • Oliver 3rd year rep confirmed
  • Unfilled: publications officer need to be found
  • We have BBQ posters
  • Need to send e-mail to Michelle about events in advance from now on

3:38 PM Meeting adjourned

Action Items


  • Send out blurb for Kelowna organization (needs website)


  • Talk to the paintball club
  • Talk to Mahony’s manager
  • Set up a meeting with Arianne + Jules
  • Fill up your department


  • Submit SUS grant application tomorrow


  • Decide what you want with tutoring program
  • Fill up your department


  • Recruiting e-mail: social volunteers, sports volunteers, Sites of Change volunteers, department reps, year reps, publications officers and tutors