2010-09-29 Meeting Minutes

CSSS Executive Meeting September 29, 2010

Present: Sean Lee, Richard Lo, Kalan MacRow, André Malan, Bert Ong, Jré Sarenac, Melsa Smith, Jeremiah Tantongco

We have a new webmaster named Jared.

An industry representative/ambassador for the Cube is needed. This is possibly a new position, though potentially handled by VPX.

Financial issues limiting food giveaways for event nights. Popcorn and pop are feasible. Pizza may be too expensive.

Website needs to be redesigned. We also need a forum+social space for help and support. Exposure through Facebook and other social networks might help.

Tutoring is being discontinued.

BBQ and Pizza sales have been moved to Thursdays and will be bi-weekly.

Halloween: Bandwagon event with SUS cancelled. Scary movie night suggested (in DMP, possibly Reboot)

Board Game night: Should include music.

LAN Parties: Look at going tournament style for term 2. Friday nights are viable. Potentially look into sponsorship for larger scale tournament parties. Maintain smaller, non-competitive parties.

Paintball: Potentially in the spring as outdoors is better.

Ski Trip: Cypress, early term 2.

Career fair planning underway, waiting on CogSys. We can do our own catering as long as the food is certified for serving to the public. Waiting on booth rental quotes.

Arts Rep: waiting on replies from interested parties.

Action Items


  • Send out email letting everyone know the positions currently available.
  • Talk to Amy about ambassador position.
  • Send VPS link to survey.


  • Announce Board Game night.
  • Find new web developer, setup meeting with Chris and Jared.
  • Ask Michelle about using the new department web site look for the Cube.
  • Get a new pizza poster.
  • Update Cube door.


  • Get a file folder box for the Cube.


  • E-mail Chris to make sure the website, mailing lists are up to date.
  • Send followup e-mails for available positions.
  • Keep and eye on coupon sites for event deals.
  • Talk to Vivian about rock climbing. Consider ice skating event.* BEER GARDEN


  • Find out if CostCo food is certified for serving to the public.


  • Consider finding ways to involve volunteers to a greater extent (as officers?).
  • Check with Chris as to whether all Sites of Change people are “volunteers.”