2010-09-17 Meeting Minutes

CSSS Executive Meeting September 17, 2010

Present: Richard Lo, Kalan MacRow, André Malan, Bert Ong, Jré Sarenac, Melsa Smith, Jeremiah Tantongco

Karen Lee (VP social) submitted her resignation this week citing new time constraints. The position is currently open.

Karen left a detailed description of the events she had planned, along with budgeting and financial details for running them.

Membership fees from last year are missing because they were never collected. Consequently the budget is short this year, however, Kurt is helping to possibly recover from that shortage.

A new invoice template is need. Preferably it will resemble the department’s invoice for consistency.

Some social events will be temporarily put on hold due to financial issues.

Action Items:


  • Send Sally’s contact information to Melsa.

VP Communications:

  • Email the AUS president.
  • Email Karen about laser tag photos.
  • Long term: get all posters organized for posterity.
  • Make BBQ price list, and Cube price list.
  • Website updates.

VP External:

  • Find arts representative.
  • Look into career fair booths.
  • Look into ways of reducing cost, eg. can we provide man power for setup and tear down, do our own catering?
  • Send Richard an Email break down of approximately how much food AMS catering provides so we can budget to match that.
  • Type up notes concerning the career fair.

VP Internal:

  • Look into getting rid of excess stock from the cube?

VP Administration:

  • Clean up and organize the Cube paperwork.