2010-02-04 Meeting Minutes

CSSS Officers Meeting February 4, 2010

Present: Eason Hu, Fergus Kung, Amy Kwok, Karen Lee, Kerry Li, Wendy Lin, Kevin Moore, Bert Ong, Sonia Purewal, Chung Voon, Ryan Wong

The AGM will be on Thursday February 10, 12:30–2pm in DMP 110.

Pizza will be served but will not arrive until after meeting starts to ensure students actually attend. Alden will order pizza.

Minor constitution changes such as position titles and changes in portfolio will be made to reflect current practice.

A survey and feedback form will be created to poll students on their thoughts regarding engagement, services and functioning of the CSSS. The survey will be created and circulated for feedback before the AGM.

Year representatives should make announcements in class to promote the AGM. An e-mail will be sent to all CS students inviting them to the meeting.

Boat Cruise planning is underway. It will be on March 27th. Harbour Cruises will be the company chartered.

The departure time will be at 7pm. Boat capacity is 275. We need a minimum of 150 attendees. Actual cost per person is approximately $73+tax, however tickets will be subsidized. We anticipate tickets will be $35 as they were last year.

We’ll invite the Math Club to the Boat Cruise once again if they are interested.

Movie night is canceled on Thursday due to the Olympic torch relay community event happening simultaneously. We will reschedule.

Upcoming social events include bowling (Friday March 12 tentatively) and rock climbing (Date  TBA).

We will contact Sally from UBC Publishers to discuss the yearbook.

Agendas will be done by the next executive. They are an invaluable tool as they help advertise our services, events and volunteer opportunities.

Coffee House is canceled due to scheduling issues.

The CSSS is considering doing the 30 hour famine in support of charity. Fundraising ideas include a bake sale and sponsorship by students. There would be events leading up to the night of famine to promote group bonding such that this becomes a positive social experience.

The CSSS is considering hosting a drive to collect old, broken computers and technology in March to promote recycling.

The deadline for graduation photos is March 5th. We will schedule a date for executive pictures.

Class Act will be discussed at the AGM.

The exam database is progressing well. Exams are currently being collected.